I’m gonna die soon, because …


 DEATH MUST BE mmmm n  ENT Becuz:  1.  in so-called geologic time, none of us (except the immortalz, or izzit the heavily-endowd-&-xxxtreemlee-juiced IMMORALZ?) don’t last very long. #2 in the un 4t u (in)nate circum(cisn)stances: i finished a running race … Continue reading

Never a ticket to the Wesak


NEVER A TICKET TO THE WESAK An entity, through depth of present incarnation; or a combination of intradimensional inquisitiveness, embodiment of cosmic scope, and being attuned to the vagaries of the perturbations of the here and now — just might … Continue reading

Mesa-Top Trail, N. Rim Black Canyawn, & other regional delights


Betty doesn’t so much peer, as sneer, into the abrupt sheer walls of the Black Canyon (of the Gunnison).  We hadn’t been to the North Rim of the Park before, until early October (2015).  Yeah, like her — I was overcome by … Continue reading

Crying myself to sleep on my HUGE Pillow

MTB on another planet

I’m gonna needa huge-r pillow. (Thatsa lying from “So I married an Ax Murderer” — Mike Myers, anybody?)  I called my/our son a coupla/three weaks back and when he answered (uh, a later Thursday afternoon) I right away asked “is … Continue reading

Snail Carnage by Raccoon


“Rosco, wake up!” Betty exhorted “Huh, wha — ?!” I not-so-articulated.  One of the dogs had barked, puncturing our velvet-all-encompassing midnight slumber.  I sat up.  In the almost-total darkness I reverted to habit, focusing on listening. Crunch!  crunch!?  some nasally … Continue reading

Oregon Zombie Apocalypse Survival Camp Beach Weakened


I suppose the idea of Zombie Apocalypse Survival Camp has been around a while.  I first heard “Castle” say it (on the TV show “Castle”).  Then I ‘googled’ it, and woodn’t ya’ know it? there is/are Z A S Camps.  … Continue reading

Pray Lewd (to O B Z A S C V Weakened)


or Prey, Lewd?  to Oregon Beach Zombie Apocalpyse Survival Camp Vacation Weekend ! anyhow, I am bracing for the upcoming weekend “on the beach” with the family in Oregon.  To cover all bases, whatever happens should fall under the narrative … Continue reading