Cancíon de los Beatles por mì cumpleaños


(with unrelated Gunnison River Escalante overlook mountain-bike sojourn accompanied by the dogs)

Rosco’s cousin, Ricardo Cabeza, entered the seventh decade of, uh, I was gonna say decadence, but no! decade of liberty and life and continued winning ways earlier this week. I should have attended his 60th-birthday dinner. I did, however, drop by his house later and chatted some with him and fiancée.

Our birthdays, though on different years, are just a few days apart. Ricardo started singing a song …

Cuando hacerme mas viejo,
Perdiendo mí pelo,
Muchos años de ahora —
¿ Quires tu todavía enviarme una tarjeta-de-San Valentìn,
Feliz cumpleaños, botella del vino ?
Si estaré afuera hasta cuatro-menos-cuarto,
¿ quires tu todavía cerrar la puerta ?
Quires tu todavía necesitarme,
Quires tu todavía comerme,
Cuando estoy sesenta-cuatro ?

Yeah, good ol’ sesenta-cuatro. I hadn’t thought about it. Ever.

‘Cause, you know why … don’t you?

I was less than a third of my present age when that song came out. Fun song. Everyone knew the words. (Everyone knew all the words to all the Beatle’s songs.)

And so, I didn’t think about it, no-one did. Sixty-four was, well, so impossibly far into the future, that’s why.

us50  san juans
We drive south on U.S. 50, with the San Juan Mountains on the horizon, about 80 miles away

In the introductory essay to the infamous essays on my “senior citizen hobby” (The Hockey Diaries) I wrote

Time passes, it crawls, it creeps, you wake up one day and it’s no longer the 1990’s. And remember when we were all, lemming-like, pressed up against the cliff-edge of the unknown of the impending Y2K? WHOOSH! THAT was 13 years ago, mes amis.

truck west elks
We park the truck, with the West Elks on the horizon, maybe 40 miles away. On a clear day in the high desert, everything looks close. “Reach out and touch it”

d gothic bike
We ride up, and west from the truck, towards the rim of the Gunnison River, near Escalante Canyon.


canyon edge kroozn

d dawgs canyons edge
Betty, and Duallie, and Sleven, and Rocksea, peer over the rim into Gunnison River, many hundreds of feet below

calving birds
We gazed long and wonderingly. We deduced that the cattle herd was calving, with a few cowboys in attendance. And a couple hovering big dark birds …

d & dee maysaw
Closer than the mountain ranges to the south and southeast is the Grand Mesa, directly east. Maybe 15 miles …

d towards w elks
Betty cruises ‘n coasts back down to the truck

table kitten
(Obligatory kitten/cat photo)

After the next-to-last game of the local too-short ice-hockey season, I was bantering with the other sexagenarian in the league. We were complaining about and comparing senior-citizen aches and pains and I drew the “I am older” card.

“Were you born in the 1940’s?!” I demanded to know of Kerry, who I knew appeared on this planet in early 1950. (Okay, I appeared barely before 1950, but, heck, let’s use THAT to my occasional advantage).

Several heads in the locker room abruptly turned our way. I could tell that these other guys were surprized. Some of them may have been as old as 40-something, but the thought of someone actually from “the 1940’s” must have seemed, well, something from a history book. Yeah, all of us played hockey a couple times a week together, and they may have briefly considered the gray hair and wrinkles, but THAT STOPPED once the ref dropped the puck.

nite lake lites
View from our yard across “the pond” at the lights on the other side — late winter/early spring

14 thoughts on “BEATLE’S SONG BIRTHDAY

  1. Awesome! Happy (belated!?) birthday! That ride looks absolutely fricken fabulous! You and Ms. Betty sure have a good thing going. I bet the dogs had an blast too.

    And yes, as soon as that puck drops, well, all consideration for opposing players are out the window (at least in my world.)

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  2. Thanx 2 U 2, Ms. VW. yeah, da BD wuzz slightly above average. we et dinnDINN w/sonny-boy & his missus, played balderdish (his fave game), prob’ly drank (just a bit) too much as before i knew it, we’re faving at 2 a.m. loud music blaring
    Betty ‘n i don’t live in a “cosmo” nor upperRung destination resort area, but even she admits it’ll be tough to move as we can drive 10 or so mi. in any direction, get out and just “go” …


  3. The photos are beautiful! What a fun ride. And wishing you a very happy birthday!! Sounds like the celebration was wonderful. :) Keep kicking ass and taking names in hockey. That’s awesome!

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  4. Gorgeous country! Looks like work, though. I’d have been trying to cobble together some kind of sled-dog harness from jumper cables, bungie cords, duct tape and anything else lying around. The dogs look like worthy Iditarod competitors and really should be in training.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ann: i’ve thought of THAT too, when i used to run in (not-too-deep) snow back when i had 4 (or more) canine co-runners. how to hook up a sled, keep ’em from gettin tangled … too complex. good luck!
    axually: this wasn’t too much “work” — more like a “cruise”. and, the black dog is throttling back on intensity of workouts, due to senior-senior citizen status (12 yrs or older)


  6. “Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m, sixty-four?”
    All hose lyrics: they evoke so much that makes me smile.
    “Send me a postcard, drop me a line
    Stating point of view. . .”

    or…write a blogpost…

    Keep at it, Betunada! There are at least 50 years (or even an eternity) left in us all….—M

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  7. We should celebrate the birthdays of Beatles’ songs. We all celebrate the birthdays of undeserving people all the time. While not persons, Beatles’ songs are deserving.

    I was just thinking about that yesterday, though. Like my dad was born in the 50s. Crazy. My being born in the early eighties is starting to feel that way too.

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