/|\ (uh-buv) — Thought I’d put up a title which is a bunch more non-applicable than that, following, which nails this post down, correctly, succinctly?, honestly, as

UNevent(not)full June, or … untitled, miscellaneous, amoeba farts, nada gwan

I hasn’t posted inna while, but June 2019 has been like the calm before whatever storm must certainly be coming.  You know, the/a storm not necessarily turbulent in the meteorological sense, but social, emotional, the unexpected, and the never-ending increasing madness of the planet spinning towards the inevitable … disaster? more weirdness? or, should we even begin to hope? — less weirdness coupled with increased mass elation? Yeah, right …

A month of ennui, ah heck, weltschmerz ~

Where and how does the ennui/weltschmerz manifest itself?  Such tuggings at the senses and soul disappear when the Grand Valley Alpenglow makes the occasional statement.

Yes, (alpenglow sez) we are in a realm concurrently co-inhabiting day-&-night/ winter-&-summer/ starlight-&-fading solar/ ~ yin/yang/ many of the polarity-opposite-extremes conceptualizations ~

Jake pauses to peer into the Gunnison River (& Dominguez Wilderness) near Bridgeport.  Meanwhile, back hoam, Betty cleans/vacuums her swimming pool under the watchful eye of Kevin (the Peacock).



& the older-than-the-rocks eye-less gaze, nay, all-seeing presence of the Inuk By the Pool.

Kevin doubles (?) as lifeguard as Betty tests the waters ~

“Cat-Tao”, ah, sometimes I’m able to cuddle like that ~




Reign-bow day not too long ago.

Soon, Jewell-Eye, but we’re in no hurry, are we?


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