& yet another encounter …


My wife and I (& numerous others) had a recent encounter with an individual member of a human sub-species – the PigPeople.

We went for groceries at our local store two weeks ago.  Things were busy, being mid-afternoon, and we could tell that this particular establishment was experiencing the need for additional help.  We loaded our cart and went to check out.  There was only one (non-self-help) register open – besides the one for “15 items or less.”  We took our place in line, which continued to ‘pile-up’ along the frozen-food aisle behind us. 

A call went out for an employee to assist with check-out and open up another register.  As soon as the “open” light turned on, a squat porcine female waddled up and went to the front of the soon-to-be-opened check-out line.  My wife and I politely mentioned that there were several people waiting to check-out – assuming that the ethical and polite thing to do was to go to the end of the line.  Ms. Pig-Person looked at us like we were kidding, saying things like “act your age” – which to me, being over 70, found incongruous, as I have little or no idea as to how to “act that age.”  Never-the-less my wife and I (and a couple others) complained at her some more.  She turned to (presumably) her son, complaining in turn as to how could these other un-entitled un-worthy people get on her case.  “Besides, I’m in a hurry.”  As if everyone else had all the time in the world.

And what did this Pig-Lady do right after checking-out her groceries?  Languish for many minutes more in the adjacent coffee shop.  And … where was she parked?  In the nearest “Handicapped only” spot.  Besides her totally-absent sense of integrity and fair-play, she was not physically handicapped, and her vehicle did not have the appropriate handicapped-tags nor markings.  I could only wish some law-enforcement or whatever passes for “parking-spot police” had come by and ticketed her for that!

The fellow ahead of us in line mentioned “karma” a couple or three times, and, yes, believing in reincarnation as I do, such an example of sub-humanity no doubt has, probably, more than a few future lifetimes to evolve into what we’d like to regard as “fully human.”

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