The 10,000 Things

What why when where who whither ten-thousand things? (H)o-keh, for me, it was twenty-thousand things.  20,000 instances and occurences this life I’d do over, if I could. I checked the Tao Te Ching again, and, apparently, my memory was faulty.  … Continue reading

Rather than: Blue talks with “Bloo”

Beelzeboob’s tales to his grand-cousin

    “Blue” is a blogger ‘here’ @ WP. “Bloo” is short for Bloobarooo, who, before wordpress, posted and blorged at Yahoo Groups (asylum2) where fewer people read his stuff there than do here. Yeah, imagine that… would hafta be negative nummburz you say, less than zeerow.

On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 1:40 PM, oscar olivivas wrote:
rather than clog up your wordpress space with a long rambling diatribe … or a dia-haphazardly-indigenous-collective, i have been considering just running something by you, out of the blue, sort of.

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idle fornicatey-fornicatey, Naggy Wall, and Thomas Pynchon

Idle fornicatey-fornicatey, Naggy Wall, & Thomas Pynchon My occasional (much too occasional) girlfriend, Naggy Wall, apparently has a more steady boyfriend.  Thomas Pynchon. Mr. P has just gotta be hooked into Ms. Wall’s essence to a degree which probably would be … Continue reading