About, out, (but probably) not here

this is where whatever passes for “magick” happenz …

really.  i swear.  it happend wunts.  mebbe it’ll come back, or is merely hiding.

in the meanwhile … leave a comment!  and wander in and amongst THE ROCK INUK-THINGIES.


17 thoughts on “About, out, (but probably) not here

  1. Hey! I was so disappointed when I realized you were no longer in the fb world, I didn’t think I would ever find you again.So glad you found me! Will definitely keep up with you here – very creative writing as I expected! You will be happy to know I am planning to run a 5k June 2nd. I am not ready at all, have only ran up to 1.8 miles since the baby and then I got a cold and haven’t been out since so my main goal is just to finish the race without stopping. Look forward to reading your posts!

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  2. well, uh, thanks. why this page? there ain’t nuthin’ here! but on the other hand (besides having different fingers), it’s short, and simple.
    there ain’t much of the day left. think i’ll go to sleep …


  3. My dear adventurous friend Betunada..I have nominated you with the Sunshine Award…it’s OK for you to take time to post about it or if you are busy then leave it as well so that it doesn’t become a chore…but I would like to show my appreciation through this award for your awesome blog and you being such a nice person and an awesome friend. Wish you an awesome day ahead!

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  4. He Betunada
    I am fascinated by your special version of English and your quirky site. It made be laugh out loud, especially the Inuk-thingies. You make us ordinary writers seem mundane but thank you for visiting my site. :)

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