Life is, basically, fun.  Basically.  There’s sad, and sometimes a bit o’ mad (both varieties, unless there’s more ‘n two?) and occasional drudgery, tho’ less now than before due to the change in work/employment status. A late autumnal/early winter? reign-bowing, … Continue reading

We’re doing EVERYONE a Favor !

A few weeks back, being the start of Hanukkah, Betty decided we should do our version of the seasonal ritual known to many as the “cutting of the Christmas tree”.  Except we cut off a branch or two which the tree(s) won’t … Continue reading

The Eternally-Leaking Sandwich (Winter Solstice, 2013)

Here. in the northern hemisphere, that is. nights’ve been gittin’ longer. ‘n longer, but savory sunrises, sometimes. Milli’s proclivity for arms of couches. We attended the ritualized & final farewell for Betty Cotter a couple weeks ago. Wife of a … Continue reading