72-Hours of Extreme Trauma, and the $400 bottle of tequila

  Below, me and an acquaintance, before my 72-hour mind-melting ordeal ~ I’ve recently experienced (endured) the most traumatic 72-hour span of time I can right off-hand remember.  Granted, my me(s)mory ain’t what it used to be, in fact, it might … Continue reading

we killed pablo? or two sets of buttocks, shining in the full moon

High on the list of THINGS NOT TO DO would be anything that sounds like a good idea after having imbibed in “a whole lot” of tequila The Tao Te Ching frequently mentions “the 20,000 things.” I surmised that that … Continue reading


4 enero 2009:  es el día primero para nos aquí a Casa de Oro.  Es muy divertido para nos, especialmente que estuvieron al norte en la nieve y frio ayer.  Buscamos y encontramos una playa excelente (pero pequeño) no muy … Continue reading