Sigh, You Leeta ~

SIGH, YOU LEETA ! Betty Dances to get on the plane, un cuerpo en la playa, and other mis(cellaneous)-adventures Betty pauses between dance moves in front of “Casa Graffiti”. As if the day mostly spent inter-acting with the police wasn’t … Continue reading

REPORTAR UN ROBO A LOS POLICìA — Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

REPORTAR UN ROBO A LOS POLICìA  — Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico Cuatro de Febrero, dos-mil-y-diez-y-seis: Sumtimes it feels like the yooniverse (as one perceives it) is collapsing in on itself.  These passed two daze have come close … but toadull collapse … Continue reading

Coasta Wreeka: Buscando por La Paz

Villas la Paz, In a sense, I have been searching for La Paz (español for “peace”) all my life. Haven’t we all? Oh, and perhaps I have been searching for the Villas de la Paz for many years. Innocence? Oh, yes. … Continue reading

Volcan Rincòn Parque Nacìonal (Costa Rica)

This past February, we spent two days in the vicinity of Volcan Rincon de la Vieja National Park in Costa Rica.  Highly recommended.  An interesting, educational, somewhat nearby interlude from what would have been a ‘strictly’ beachside sojourn. Costa Rica … Continue reading

Puddle-Jumper Airlines

COASTA to Welcome WREEKA !  When I arranged a family trip to Costa Rica almost a year ago, I made the assumption that there was just one International airport in the country — the capitol, San Jose. With the 20-20 … Continue reading

CoastaWreeka: beach bulbaroony

I don’t, and won’t claim to be an expert on vida-de-la-playa, especialmente en Costa Rica, but heck, I spent more time barefoot with the sand between my toes last month than … oh, for at least the past five years, … Continue reading

CoastaWreeka: Nublados en Paraìso

Nublados en Paraìso Pobre Rosco.  Los buitres o busardos miren el todo el tiempo. Voy intentar a decir un relato, un relato-adentro-un-relato. Sì, tuve algun divertido en nuestro viaje extranjero.  Pero, no estuvo la verdad por todo la familia.  Betty … Continue reading

Hoodooze awn Playa Conchal, CoastaWreeka

I don’t get to the beach often.  When I’m to sojourn in the vicinity, I try to run barefoot along the ocean’s edge every other day.  I am somewhat near-sighted, but still try to run without the specs when I … Continue reading

CoastaWreekuh! (an intro)

We spent most of Feb-you-wary (2014) just north of the eek!weightor.  This was the furthest south on our planet I have ever been (9 – 10 deg. N) Following is a “kwykkee” sketsch.  Trust you, mee, more (and not necessarily … Continue reading