Hoodooze awn Playa Conchal, CoastaWreeka

cute little tree-hugger

cute little tree-hugger

I don’t get to the beach often.  When I’m to sojourn in the vicinity, I try to run barefoot along the ocean’s edge every other day.  I am somewhat near-sighted, but still try to run without the specs when I can.  So I plodded along Playa Conchal maybe six times in the two weeks I was recently there.  And on my next-to-last run, thought I had seen gnomes or dwarf-like beach creatures on the way out … but didn’t realize that there REALLY WERE dwarf-like gnome-thingies until the return slog.  (The light must have been better.)


“Well,” I thought.  “Someone’s been busy.”


At first I saw a couple, then three, a group of four up on a tree’s branches.


Yep … someone had spent many hours and populated a sizable slice of the transition zone where the beach-sand reaches the scrub-forest and dunes.


I’d see nothing for 50 yards, then a whole village of them!


Betty and I went back that afternoon.  I saw a lady with a dog I thought I had seen out for a run that morning, but she assured me that she would do no such thing.  Betty struck up a conversation with her.  An ex-pat, she had a house not too far from where we were staying.  And she had a neighbor, Bob.


Local (gringo) resident lady with dogs told Betty that that is what Bob does.  Periodically walks the ocean edge piling up rocks.  Hoodoo-assemblage.  He doesn’t “do” Inuk-type fabrications, just what you see here.


He could be “Bobb”, perhaps “Bawb.”  Our last day there I saw a fellow who could have been he.  He was drawing a large complex mandala in the sand and a couple companions were watching.  I should have either sketched or photographed it.  It reminded me of American Indian Sun-wheels.  Prayer-wheels.  Whatever.  The lady companion played hopscotch on it.


I added a few structures, as I should, after all, keep in practice for the inevitable return to InukShux of the high desert.


Some of the hoodoos take a bit of balancing …


And another village out to witness whatever.  And the ugly one below (Bob didn’t make that).


7 thoughts on “Hoodooze awn Playa Conchal, CoastaWreeka

  1. Love the photos! The beaches are wonderful and it looks so warm!

    You have me thinking that the world may be full of people making…um…things out of stones. Yours is very creative. Do I see some seashell components in it?

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  2. Those are cool. If I lived on the beach, I’d do something like that. Because if I lived on the beach I would probably not be very busy and would want to be out walking on the beach every day. Good job running, by the way. Not an easy place to run. These remind me of a bunch of smiley faces we saw once when hiking one of the canyons out in the Swell. Someone had laid out faces made of 4-5 rocks all along the trail. I thought it was great!


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