Pray Lewd (to O B Z A S C V Weakened)

or Prey, Lewd?  to Oregon Beach Zombie Apocalpyse Survival Camp Vacation Weekend ! anyhow, I am bracing for the upcoming weekend “on the beach” with the family in Oregon.  To cover all bases, whatever happens should fall under the narrative … Continue reading

THEY FLY TOWARD GRACE (Part 1 of When the still sea conspires an armour)

The Inconvenience (the dirigible which appears and is a frequent part of Against the Day) is constantly having her engineering updated. As a result of advances in relativity theory, light is incorporated as a source of motive power — though … Continue reading

INUKSUIT ramblings. 2.0

INUKSUIT ramblings (“i used to make wombats”) Ah … a span of time without anchors. A day off from work! No chores at home either (you know, stuff like: leaky faucets, doors not plumb within frames, unsightly detritus on the … Continue reading