The Loneliest Highway in Amerika

Betty had been talking for some time about driving out to visit “the kids”, (and grand-kids) some 1200 miles away.  We had flown out to visit them probably more than a dozen times.  But she wanted a different sort of … Continue reading


(IT) COULD HAVE BEEN THE BAT PHONE Betty and I more-or-less collapsed into the hot tub a coupla/3 daze ago.  The Day After It Snowed.  We had partaken of what a long-lost friend labeled as the essential elements of the … Continue reading


 it’s knot like sum kined uv killing-floor mass-sweeping-up of offal and much more so, in there’s a lotta awful, period, among the kallecktivs deeskript-shuns of whuts bin swepttupp awful the phaktorry phlorr.  but diddint eye jest seigh thedt? reptilian scout and … Continue reading

La Leyenda de Elvis Diminuto

LA LEYENDA DE ELVIS DIMINUTO,  capìtulo 2. “Close enough!” – Leonardo DiCaprio character (Jack Dawson), Titanic I think of that movie scene whenever I utter or think that something is, well, “close enough”. Quizáz Capìtulo 3. ¿He mencionado Tiny Elvis mas que … Continue reading

My wife: The Grass Nazi

My wife:  The (Lawn) Grass Nazi Betty, under close scrutiny by JaJa, attacks yet another previously unmowed patch of grass.  Poor innocent lawn-compositional matrix.  You’ve seen enough of those movies, where the big bad battleship-spaceships swoop down out of the skies and … Continue reading


the oh-shun wroalzen, and it wroalzoubt Among the mult?ittood of my 5 or 6 (notice i think i’m up from “3 or 4”) semi-regular readers, i would venture that you’re not soon, chronologically, in any way going to be possibly … Continue reading