it’s knot like sum kined uv killing-floor mass-sweeping-up of offal and much more so, in there’s a lotta awful, period, among the kallecktivs deeskript-shuns of whuts bin swepttupp awful the phaktorry phlorr.  but diddint eye jest seigh thedt?


reptilian scout and mid-scale food-chain predator of that particular area

(we had parkt @ 2 go by kride)



Ms. Baytoonawdaw should-a had the cam’ra as the windswept grassy tufts ‘n stuff looked even more sublime back-dropt by the mesa earlier….




There izza physch in our “lake” (okay, itsa pond) which apparently likes to think itsa shark.  Having no imagination beyawned the awbvee-ous, we call this physch “Jaws.”.




therez uh phew thingations in our yard which oh-kay-zee-un-alley mite twerk the pre-ingraind mind-set ~


 and then they speak to each otherIMG_3300

and one of our neighbors walks by, the one who lives among the rocks in the lower Gunnison River Canyon


but to our syrupprize duzzint telluss 2 go 2 hades but look up and marvel at the



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