LIVVIN’ DA DREEM ?  It’s been two months + now since I have, allegedly, so it appears, going-thru-the-motions, “retired.” A neighbor walked by recently, commenting, favorably, on how goes my “vacation.”  I told him that I did not in any … Continue reading

The Ghost of Resignation Diffused a Spectral Appealingness

The Ghost of Resignation Diffused a Spectral Appealingness (or, more actually: Another insipid rambling post about nothing in particular — interspersed with random un-related pixures).  The title is from page 56 of Finnegan’s Wake (the Viking paperback edition), whereupon follows:  … Continue reading

? ? ?

 ??? My 3 or 4 semi-regular readers are probably NOT wondering nor worrying about my increasing diminishment of frequency of writing, and posts.  Just another bit of good news in the over-loaded mind-numbing never-ending tsunami of banter on the ‘net … Continue reading