The Ghost of Resignation Diffused a Spectral Appealingness


The Ghost of Resignation Diffused a Spectral Appealingness (or, more actually: Another insipid rambling post about nothing in particular — interspersed with random un-related pixures).  The title is from page 56 of Finnegan’s Wake (the Viking paperback edition), whereupon follows:  ” … as a young man’s drown o’er the fate of his waters may gloat, similar in origin and akkurat in effective to a beam of sunshine upon a coffin plate.”  I’ll tell you rite now that I have little or no idea what that means.  Mooveeng alawng …

“Spousie” & i continue to attempt to eventually achieve the situation whereby “that obituary” would be written (see two posts previous, with “Senior Olympics” in title).

Ah yes, “the situation” (again, see preevee(de)ous post about “Senior … Nude … Shower” etc.), continyood:  I told Betty that I thought there was a 1% chance the NSA has already installed a surveillance camera in our bedroom.  Someone @ NSA would, then, be able to definitely(deafeningly) determine that, yes, indeed, THAT’S HOW IT HAPPENED.

Personally, I feel that ascribing a 1%-chance to that possibility (camera in the bedroom) makes me “a little bit paranoid.”  Betty thought 1% seemed high and wouldn’t commit to a numerical % (gu)estimate.

“How about a very slight chance above almost-completely improbable?” I ventured.  She came close to saying “maybe” to that.


I will change my SONSVBT name to “schmahl-gonadid Mike” for the poipoises of protecting whatever integrity may remain of my other aliases.  And, while on the subject of showers, the wet stuff was intermittent during a recent d(e)rive thru’ Dolores Canyawn …

Below, earlier on the sojourn south.  Not as renowned as it’s more (in)famous cousins (e.g., Royal Gorge, Black Canyon, anything along the Colorado), Dolores is a gem — all the more so due to remoteness, mystery, solitude.  Okay … I’m a smidgeon across the yellow lying …


A heron fishing at the pond below our house.  I haven’t had any “luck” fishing so far this year, hope (s)he is more successful!  A fisherman today told us to try “ragin’ crawdad” lures.  Oh kay … guess we’ll hafta gitsum.


I brought back a souvenir of and from our recent trip down south.  I haven’t yet found a local venue whereby one can obtain more, so, I haven’t opened this bottle because after a (short?) while I’ll have none left, can’t get any more, and will be sad.


Interestingly enough, I vizzidid the local “big” (for our town) likker stoar, and talked with the manager about acquiring raicilla.  He did some research and it’s expensive.  However, the store has SOTOL, which is similar to raicilla in that it’s a specific-area (Chihuahua) variant of the agave spirits — and affordable.  If you were to ‘google’ (search) raicilla or ‘spirits similar to tequila (but NOT the t-drink)’ you’d come up with three beverages.  R, S, and one other which I’m too lazy to look up again.

So, the sotol should/could/probably will “tide me over” while lamenting the eventual loss of raicilla access …


Rock-Sea and the Dolores Hanging Flume overlook……….


Just another car-mirror view of a somewhat wet D Canyon …


We detoured off Highway 141 (Dolores Canyon highway) so the dogs could get in a run.  I will try to return and ride da mountain bike up this road a bit someday soon.


Betty and her new dawg, Jake. A mix of … Chesapeake? Labrador? Border Collie?


Rosco retired recently and there were three cakes.


Lindy (and Chuck, her man) is an accomplished cake-maker!


Betty (left), Dave (my boss, now ex-boss), Lou, Mark on the far end — across from Carlos and you can’t see Stan and Craig real well.


These cakes were good!  I had three pieces of the one not pictured, and saved a big enough slice to suffice for LUNTSCH the following day.  Below, Jake and his new best friend — our son’s dog Koda.  Interestingly? enough, they each have three white paws — both rear, and Jake is white on the left front, where (as you can see) Koda has a white right front paw.  Cosmic coincidence?  Maybe ~


Finally, thinking about the Spectral Appealingness Diffused by the Ghost of Resignation …


No comment.  But this is a strange phenomenon, right outside (and below) Craig’s window in our office.  We speculated, and speculated some more.  And (to quote Forrest Gump) that’s all I have to say about that.

10 thoughts on “The Ghost of Resignation Diffused a Spectral Appealingness

  1. Dolores Canyawn looks interesting to me and my hiking boots. And “Goodbye tension, Hello pension” seems like an akkurat inscription for a retirement cake. Though sometimes tension occurs with the missus, who ain’t used to having her hubby hang around the house.

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  2. Spectral indeed. You sent me to the dictionary twice this time. I never would have guessed akkurat was a German word. I thought maybe it was Mesopotamian, like ziggurat. And then there was the raicilla…

    Liked by 1 person

    • yeah, linnet: ‘google’ the R-werd, and you (should) also get the other agave variants. and, like we’ve previously mentioned? (I seem to wree(dis)member), that JJoyce fella’s vocab is bigger ‘n most dixionareez ~

      but he (JJ) DOO misspell/invent many o’ doze werdz …


    • and whut wood f. gump have to say about that? — yeah, yoo guesstitt: some X peck tid, and some un X pek tid. tho’ I should have expected to end up with a full (fool?) day of marking high school (track&) field team long jumper’s efforts at a meet in G J today. tomorrow, I “start” the day with playing the nashunull anthemumb to a stadium-full of participants and spectatipants ~ !


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