Thirty minutes beyond Slobbification

Azz izz beeK!umming YoozYooUhl, bennawhile since the pree(dee)vee-ous post, here.  “Nothin’ much going on in Grand Junction” — so the daily nooze-paper headline should read.  “Related stories through-out.”  However, un-deterred (de-turd?) … I went on a (okay: cannabis-aided) hike yesterday, … Continue reading

Please Close Gate


PLEASE CLOSE the GATE.  (Another boring high-desert ramble Wif Da Dorgz)

I don’t know what they’re keeping out, or in.  Perhaps they just want to make all the motor-idiots slow down, even stop, while going from one side to the other.  This gate nor fence wouldn’t deter the bighorns, below …

The Nine-Mile Hill bighorn sheep herd, part of which is pictured above, hadn’t been very visible these past few months.  Today, they’re out grazing, in their full glory for all the nearby highway traffic to view.

Meanwhile, back at “the gate” Rocksea, Sleven, and Dually engage in a pre-hike sniffaroony.

We stop on a ridgetop just south of what I call East Pass to Cactus Park.  View is to northwest — with snow-covered Pinyon Mesa on the horizon, and the red desert sandstone cliffs along Unaweep Canyon beyond the relatively flat Cactus Park.  What would be impressively visible just a couple miles further west — unseen from this vantage point — are the massive pre-cambrian granite cliffs which displace and replace the reddish sandstone.

Turning 120-degrees to the east, we look to the shaley steep slopes of theBookcliffs.  What you can’t see is that my house, along with a few thousand others, is on the valley floor before the Bookcliffs.

Gibbler Mountain, the primary west-edge landmark of Cactus Park.  A pleasant breezy cloudily-scattered-cloudy day.

Dool pauses alongside an inuk-thingy in the trees.

Rocksea peers down …

The truck is just off the “road” towards the left.

We get home.  The kitten is prostrate at the foot of the Lithograph of the Cat-Saint Bearing Fish.

… we’re in trouble.

Correr con los Zombies

Los Extra-Térrestres:  otra vez hay uno de sus platillos voladores, disfraza como un nublado.

Mi esposa y yo estàbamos zombi’s en una carrera el sabado pasado.  Felizmente, no tuvimos una càmara — estuvimos tan ocupado cazar y perseguir corredors quien estan en “El ùltimo carrera de su vida.”

Corredors tuvieron correr por entre un ciento “zombies.”  Fue muy divertido.

Betty lleva una peluca (la mujere agente del gobierno de “Los Juegos del Hambre.”)  Yo llevo una hacha-de-carne a travès de mi cabeza, y una camiseta que tiene un zombi caza un tractor con un granjero (campesino).

“Eat locals.”

Domingo fuimos a recoger nuezes de piñon con mi hermano y su novia.  Tuve una bolsa para recoger — sentì como un niño a Pascuas.  Los arboles fueron lleno de nuezes.

Fuimos àpice o tope de “9 Mile Hill” — que es cerca del “Olivivas Wilderness” y “Cactus Park” — lugares que estuve y visitar de vez en cuando.

Entre nosotros todos, tenemos muchos perros (siete, pienso …)  Arriba, Ricardo Cabeza y algun de sus perros.

Y, otoño, tiempo por oro en los arboles …

Si … justo (derecho).