LIVVIN’ DA DREEM ?  It’s been two months + now since I have, allegedly, so it appears, going-thru-the-motions, “retired.” A neighbor walked by recently, commenting, favorably, on how goes my “vacation.”  I told him that I did not in any … Continue reading

Snail Carnage by Raccoon

“Rosco, wake up!” Betty exhorted “Huh, wha — ?!” I not-so-articulated.  One of the dogs had barked, puncturing our velvet-all-encompassing midnight slumber.  I sat up.  In the almost-total darkness I reverted to habit, focusing on listening. Crunch!  crunch!?  some nasally … Continue reading

The Eternally-Leaking Sandwich (Winter Solstice, 2013)

Here. in the northern hemisphere, that is. nights’ve been gittin’ longer. ‘n longer, but savory sunrises, sometimes. Milli’s proclivity for arms of couches. We attended the ritualized & final farewell for Betty Cotter a couple weeks ago. Wife of a … Continue reading