the oh-shun wroalzen, and it wroalzoubt

the oh-shun wroalzen, and it wroalzoubt

Among the mult?ittood of my 5 or 6 (notice i think i’m up from “3 or 4”) semi-regular readers, i would venture that you’re not soon, chronologically, in any way going to be possibly interested in senior-citizen anything, much less doing anything nude, in a group, in the shower.  At least not until after yoove become seenyore sit-eye-(deni)-zens.

red skyze @ sunset!

But still, you guisengals NOT being “senior citizens” — wouldn’t it be fun to look forward to the Senior Olympics Nude Shower-Room VolleyBall (but i’ll spellit “bawl”) Tournament?

brooding red skies @ sunrise

As you could easily imagine, seeing as how i basically have little or no imagination, i thought of this while showering with Betty a couple daze ago.  As you may have already deduced, we are not young, i guess you can say we are no longer middull-aged, but were none-the-less indulging in activities which i sus/ex/pect most people would not associate with the “senior” set.

  1. we had cannabis-u-lated.
  2. we were showering, 2-gether.
  3. oh heck, i’ll cum rite out & sayyit:  we were going to copulate.
Yes, like almost anyone who has parents, and is under, say, 50, the proposed activities listed above probably sound sorta like …
eh, ehhh, senior citizens?
who cares!
well, pheeyuck anywun hoo sez that, it’s the high-light of our boring doddering senior week!
betty as circus ring-mistress showin' off Bruce
While lathering and scrubbing, and fending-off my attempts at pre-coital arousal, Betty raved, as is expected most the time.  She surveyed our somewhat standard (not large) shower enclosure.  “If we were to remodel the shower, I’d like this wall pushed back to … there.  And …”  She specified a couple more additions.  “What would you like?”
Heron, in our pond, lookin' pa innything edibul
A couple seconds ticked by and my all-too-reliable FANTASY lobe-of-the-brain kicked in.  “I would like a shower big enough to play volleyball in!”  This wasn’t exactly spontaneous.  I have always wanted a shower with those specifications!  I remember showering with my first conjugal girlfriend, forty-five years ago, and considering how much more fun it would be to have a shower that large.
 And for no discernibly rational reason, the thought process continued to roll, out-of-control, down the hill.  We had participated in our area’s Senior Games last year, and were already planning on what to do this coming year.  “Let’s suggest to the organizer to have a volley-ball tournament, nude, in a large shower-room.”  We debated on how high the ceiling should be (“very high”) and, yes, there should be benches built into the walls.  The 50-to-55-year-olds would have an unfair advantage over the 70-+ people, so there should be two age-group classifications.  We are still debating but think “under 60” and “over 60” might be somewhat fair for now.  Until this thing takes off.  And goes viral (among the senior-citizen set) on the internet.
yess we have a NOOOO puppPEEE
The next morning this idea did not sound so wonderful, but what the heck.  The world (“the whirled”), our country,  our age-group-demographic, and that poor pathetic creature “The Internet” needs something out-of-the-ordinary … continually.  After we get this event established, and “take ownership” (the SONSRVT organization will have patented this) no telling …
Fantasy whirled ?
A little while later …
if two senior-citizens had simultaneously died of heart attacks while doing you-know-what?
Shower-Room Caterpillar !

Shower-Room Caterpillar !


    • well, for 1 thing, if the ceilings weren’t “that high”, the excitement would be compromised. the idea seemed so good when i wuzz under the influence. “influence” seems and sounds? and looks a bit like “phlatulence” n’est-ce-pas?

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  1. I don’t think I’d be very excited to watch such a competition, or to partake in one (I’m too young anyway – well, who knows what I’d do in say a year or thirty), BUT I really do like the idea of having a shower big enough to play volleyball in. That’s just brilliant!

    It WAS one of the few sports I was actually good at in high school… Hmhm.

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    • thass whuddey’m seighin: anyone under, say, 50-ish would/should NOT be interested. it’s just what do we have to “look forward to” after that? the senior olympix! also, as preevee(de)ously mentschund: the idea DID NOT SOUND SO GOOD the next day. but the idea of the Obituary lingers …

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  2. It sounds like you’re doing a great job of not letting societal pre-conceived notions of what is appropriate for certain age groups dictate how you live your life. Being younger myself, I don’t have the wisdom of age behind me, but I still think living young will keep you young.

    Keep having fun!!!

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    • it deafeningly (definitely?) is not looking like “the wisdom of age” and i will intertwine, ever. but the fun, often with as little thought as you can quite well imagine, i’ll try to never stray far from ~

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      • 4 yer sake (is “sake” like wine, you know, japanese rice w(h)ine?) — i hope you DON’T merely be “just the same”! (but i DO expect you’ll do like i did, take up hockey goalie @ age 57) yoove gawt to be and do “better” ! hopefully “make a difference (pause eye tivvv) in the whirled”!


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