Pray Lewd (to O B Z A S C V Weakened)

or Prey, Lewd?  to Oregon Beach Zombie Apocalpyse Survival Camp Vacation Weekend !

anyhow, I am bracing for the upcoming weekend “on the beach” with the family in Oregon.  To cover all bases, whatever happens should fall under the narrative umbrella of Zombie Survival Camp as well.  Until then …


I was across Unaweep Canyon from the recent “Indiana Betunada” trek, chronicled previously.  The always-awe-inspiring (to me, at least) granite basement — which in a few short miles becomes the towering walls of U Canyawn — begins to emerge, pushing up the red desert sandstone.


Doggzeneye rode (they ran) the sandy trails up from U Can and on the north edge of the Uncompahgre Uplift.  Pleasant ride/running, not a hot day, I should have brought more beer.


Milli frequently is a gargoyle, wherever he is.  He’ll sit on bed-posts, the Inuks in the yard, and off porch corners.


Betty purchased a fake owl with the intent of keeping the peacock off the hot-tub lid.  (He leaves his “calling cards” which we have to sweep off).  Sometimes the fake-owl ruse apparently doesn’t deter …


We visited Bruce at the Grand Valley Zoological Center.  They say Bruce is one of the “main attractions” there.  And is gaining weight and being taken good care of.  Some day, maybe when the GVZCenter goes bankrupt, Bruce will move back in with us.


I visited the Bean Ranch inuk-thingies …  seems a springy-day, eh? what with the profusion of juniper berries ~


The original inuk of Whitewater/Bean Ranch had to be re-built — it’s latest incarnation.


Jaja soaks up driveway heat ~


Neverending boring Grand Mesa sunrises ~


Our newest cat, Alice, was gone for FOUR NIGHTS and Betty (and I) thought she was gone for good.  We adopted two kittens.  Shown above is Mickey, who doesn’t mind the dogs — but it took a while for the other cats to come around.  Oh, Alice re-appeared later the same day we brought Mickey home.


Another in the neverending frequent boring west Colorawdough sunsets …


We have lived in our house for 23 years and every once in a while a deer might dart through the neighborhood.  Recently, we’ve had as many as six grazing in the yard and frequently spending the night.




The kitten guards the sleeping dawg ~

13 thoughts on “Pray Lewd (to O B Z A S C V Weakened)

  1. So has it already happened? Was the family gathering last weekend or are you en route as I write? It certainly sounds like it’s going to be a blast, Jay. All that family fun with you at the helm. Pure mayhem and merriment.
    And I adore your pets nearly as much as I adore those inuks. One of these days I’ve got to make me one of those fellers. Their brilliant–as are your sunsets.
    I hope the beachy sunsets can compete.
    Have a wonderful time! Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

    • that’s why “pre-lude.” upcoming: 2nd weekend in Jewell-eye. (shh! hope it ain’t tooo awbvee(dee)ous, but, heck, yea, some (some? more than some?) of my posts are collexions of photos with some ¿X plan ayshun?). just so happened to be several of the ‘mules ~~ and i’ve cheated in advance, as O B V Z A S C weakened SHOULD about cover anything, eh?


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