This is the 1st ‘video’ I’ve attempted here @ W P.  As you will soon be able to tell, it is of poor quality and mercifully short.  Betty and I and our son, “T”, were in Portland, Orygun, lunching (and beering) with our friends Wade and Dakotah.

I am fairly sure they made a comment or question or observation about the somewhat skewed Mother-Son bond, or lack of, and “T” was quick to ascribe that to “radioactive breast milk.”  As is obvious in the mercifully-short video, Dakotah and Wade are somewhat taken aback, embarrassed, even.  This is what made it fun.

You see, as soon as “T” was born, Betty (having been previously diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer) began treatment.  Part of that was radiation focused on the tumor(s).  So, “T” was deprived of the joys and benefits and bonding of breast-feeding, as the breast milk would have been radioactive.

Perhaps we/she/he should have done the breast-feeding anyway.


  1. I know some folks who would say, “better late than never.” I am not one of them. But I do live in a very crunchy granola kind of town so it wouldn’t raise an eyebrow here.
    I also think taking that advice may worsen the somewhat skewed relationship they currently have.
    Your call. Or maybe Betty’s and T’s.

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