CoastaWreekuh! (an intro)

We spent most of Feb-you-wary (2014) just north of the eek!weightor.  This was the furthest south on our planet I have ever been (9 – 10 deg. N)

Following is a “kwykkee” sketsch.  Trust you, mee, more (and not necessarily any more “in depth” (or no depth at all) will follow.  Some high?lights:


Betty and new grandson (Henry Alexander George) wait at the Sansa (“Puddlejumper”) airlines terminal for our flight from San Jose to Liberia.  Henry turned 3 months, then 100 days old on this trip.  Below, mom (Rachel) holds Enrique while at Playa Conchal.


Betty basks, standing in the big bathtub which is also known as the Pacific.


Hard to berleave that ooglay decrippit ol’ me has such an elegant daughter, eh?


We frequently visited Playa Minas, a bit more remote and sometimes had it all to ourselves!


The snorkin’ wasn’t half-bad here either.  A troop (troupe?) of howler monkeys resides nearby.


Rachel and older son, Eddie (2 years).


Vast, and relatively clear unpolluted water …


We took a trip inland to Volcan Rincon national park.  Rachel and Henry wander the grounds of the excellent Lodge (Hacienda Montaña Rincon de la Vieja or something like that) nearby.


The volcano (actually, there are 5 craters — so I don’t know if this is Rincon exactly) and our cabin ‘nestled’ in the forest.  Highly recommended.


Ah, senior love.  Just an elderly couple on a promontory in Playa Flamingo (Glamingo).  Rachel said that this area, north of where we stayed, reminded her of the Mediterranean.


Of all the wildlife we encountered (don’t ask about the 6-foot-long constrictor 20 feet away which might have been considering Henry) — this stick insect was pretty neat.  It was REALLY convincing — very stick/wood-like.  Fortunately it was convinced to leave the barbeque grill before we fired it up that night.


The Georges emerge from the sea …


We were joined after a week by Rachel’s brother (and our son) Tom.  He bonds with his youngest nephew …


( Uncle/nephew bonding, cont. )


One way to see the country “up close” is from within a 12-seater.  Almost a Betunada personal airplane (we did share this with 4 or 5 others).


Sigh.  We’re “back” to whatever it was — and my two or three semi-regular readers will have the chance for more upcoming Betunada foreign follies –>

(“estamos basura blanca en las playas extranjeras”)

13 thoughts on “CoastaWreekuh! (an intro)

    • yerrrite! hence PJ Air … it was an escape from the snow which covered the ground in all our respective homes when we left — including portland! daytime highs were in the low 90’s! (whew!)


    • i thought so, but deb and T (& S) didn’t think so. T & S mostly “tolerated” and D wuzz “touristas” for a week (& therefore not happy). i was “in my element” however, smokin’ a havana in the hammock w/either cervez or flor-de-caño rum nearby …


    • i think “the babies (& me)” almost always have fun! but like i mentioned to you at “your place” — YOU’ll “get your spanish on” if you visited this country, i’m sure!


  1. Hey betunada!
    Thanks for the email message and for the heads up about your CR posts. It is great to read about your experiences (in English and Spanish, which I know you insist is bad but it really isn’t!). :) How did you enjoy the stay in Conchal? Were you pleased with the rental?
    Pura vida amigo!


    • Nikki: i’ll answer this over at your site. briefly: I (for one) enjoyed my stay at Conchal (the name of our place was Villas La Paz), and I was basically pleased with it (not everyone in our group was!).


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