Indiana Betunada and the Wombat CowSkull Shrine

Dogzeneye discover the Wombat Cow-Skull Shrine.

Darned E T’s.  What should be a glorious sunrise is compromised, thrown into a bit of doubt, by yet another of their hovering spy-craft keeping watch on us.  The thinly-veiled attempt at disguising it as a cloud didn’t fool me.  I think they’re wasting their time keeping me under surveillance!  So, later in the day I decide to go on a foray into the Olivivas Wilderness Area, taking the dogs along with.

The weatherman warned to “expect a bit of weather,” and bit of weather it (whatever “it” is) did, indeed.  What had been a dry mostly cloudless week rapidly changed.  The front rolled in …

Dually peers down into gathering fog.  Soon, it began to snow.  (First of “the season” for this area).  The white stuff melted pretty quick after it hit the ground, but there were brief intense flurries.

The clouds thickened.  The wind picked up.  RockSea gives the lower elevation one last look before we turned and …

… stumbled onto the Wombat CowSkull Shrine.  In a mysterious* open area where nothing grew, the word “wombat” was spelled-out with rocks.  Above it was a sort of … shrine? Totem? Warning symbol?

*(“Mysterious” as during our trek we moved through as thick a forest as one would encounter in the “high desert” — which our region is categorized as.  Yeah … this forest wouldn’t be “thick” in, say, the Pacific Northwest).

View of the Wombat from right-to-left, and

from left-to-right.

Rocksea and the mysterious assemblage of bones.  The dogs didn’t even linger to consider hauling off a piece for gnawing.  (There was a large enough collection of the rest of the skeleton nearby).

I checked the time and we would have to hurry to get back to the car before dark.

I usually have a basic idea of where I am when in the Olivivas Wilderness Area.  This time I was put to the test, what with fog and diminishing light.  And I had a difficult time keeping my cigar lit.   We arrived back where the car was parked with less than five minutes before it would have been completely dark.

Is everything related to everything else?  or are there many disparate un-connected random chaotic aspects and things and trends winding about?  Somehow, it made sense when I got home and checked the stats on my blog.  One search term which someone had entered, and was directed to this site was:

“Our give a shit expired long ago”

It’s like the man said, when this happens, I think you can then DO THINGS without a sense of attachment nor identification with the fruits of your actions.  Hompity ho …

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