Our Give-a-shit Expired Long Ago

“Our give-a-shit expired a long time ago.”

The title is from a “search” someone typed into whatever internet search engine* and was directed to my blo(r)g.  So, whatever it means, it apparently is manifest, somehow, here in the blo(r)g.  Perhaps through-out.  The whole site, all of betunada@wordpress, might be, for all I know, positively (or negatively) dripping with it. Veritably oozing.

However, and not in my defense, I exemplify the Expiration of the Give-a-Shittyness, eh?

Betty, however, continues to have room not only in her heart but within the castle to provide a home for more foster children.

Yesterday she brought home “Waldo.”  FOR FREE while the supply lasts! looking lonely in a cage in the local pet-supply store.  He won’t quite replace Walter, our most-recently disappeared feline.  No, nobody, cannot be exactly ‘replaced’ — but ‘remembered’ and ‘revered.’  (Provided the entity warrants those.

(Define “warrants.”

“What!? Who are you?”

“The not-so-wicked twin of yourself.”

“Are you here to throw off my dialogue?”


So I shut him off, and presume EVERYBODY warrants some Regards, Reverence, and Remembrance.  But(t) heck, experiences yet to come (I just might live more than 5 or 6 years) could change that belief.  Prob’ly all too easily.)

So, we can’t really not make an effort, as we should at least go through the motions of taking care of our foster family.  And, to quote Paul Simon, we’ll continue to continue

to pretend

our lives

will never end

and flowers



with the rainfall.

*And, later in this chapter, I typed in “why are internet search functions called Engines?” and will try to summarize just part of it.  A quirky weird part of it.

Well, the Amerikin elexions is/are apparently, over, for now. Now, granted, I detest the million$ and bazillion$ waystid awn the so-called ads and venomous schmegg-schlingging, but … if I had a “spare” few million $$$, I would have considered putting up (as) LARGE (as i could afford) BILLBOARDS in as many major cities as i could afford. saying: YOU DON’T HAVE TO VOTE FOR THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS: VOTE GARY JOHNSON, LIBERTARIAN — FOR PRESIDENT.

This moronic two-party doomed inert ineffectual sick inherently greedy and short-sighted and basically unresponsive system will have to end, or (as is likely, and obviously ongoing) drag us all down.

What’ll help is that here, in Colorawdough, mariuana smoking has become mandatory.  Maybe make things more tolerable …

Why, just tonight, we put in the movie “Marley” (No! NOT the cute puppy-dog Marley!) and, because of the just-voted-in state law which says POT SMOKING IS REQUIRED we had to indulge.  That movie is intense.  There are several tenents of Rastafarianism I think I could readily embrace, but acknowledging Haile Selassie as THE DIETY — well, I need more than a little convincing, there.  (But, still, I’d acknowledge the ‘validity’ (or actual/real/valid/main-line-to-gawd) of Rasta over, say, LSD (oops! LDS) or ‘take-a-hostage’ (or “convert or die”) varieties of Islam).

And (she doesn’t know it, but, heck, it’s a plan) I pictured and (as)phyxulated upon A PLAN FOR THE FUTURE.  Betty and I should continue to practice being a folk-singing (or folksie-schlepping) duo.  While incarcerated within a senior-citizen medium-or-countryclub-security old age hoam, we can conduct our music-playing sessions IN THE CENTRAL LOBBY of whatever facility, and especially after having indulged in the state-sanctioned mandatory mildly-psychotropic substance.  Well, I think that’s better than the slow and gradual mental rot-ation which goes on anyway.

Betty continues to be what (or, more exactly, whom) I call “WulfMuthur.” The usual plethora of “wolves” clustered about.

Below, a poster child for yet another search-engine query:

“the why don’t people like me test.”

Yeah, that was another recent “search engine term” directing somebody (or if not a “some” and/or “body” — it could have been a robot!) to my site.  And, seriously, folks, I wouldn’t ask that question.  I don’t wanna know why people don’t like me.  if i took that kind of poopy seriously, i would probably have to seek therapy, whatever that is.  and i’m not too unhappy with the way i am and things are.  if only i could CONVEY or convince people of that.  but ’cause of the lack of concern of the, uh, test, why bother convincing anybody?

But(t) still, I thought my site was, more so than not, uplifting.

Sleven found a mostly-empty bag of nachos and went in to finish off the crumbs.  He prowled around the house like the bag-head-monster that he inherently is.  I considered taking the bag off, but it did have a transparent window, diminishing the banging-into-doors and walls a bit.  (He eventually extricated).

And I wonder about Dopey, still lost out there, somewhere.

Wolf-Mother doing what comes naturally.  Note the three dawgz under the table, and two cats atop.

Sleven stumbled about, and when all the nacho crumbs were inhaled, or completely slobberated, the bag either partly disintegrated or somehow disappeared.

And she’s out acquiring more wolves for the never-ending WulfMuthur Chronicles …

Good ol’ Wikipedia:  (re: search engine):

“an information retrieval system designed to help find information stored on a computer system”

oh well, “they” (hooever ‘they’ are) had to call “it” (the engine) something.

There was a lengthy detailed response to my query.  Much of it was the history of how search-engines came about.  I copied just a part, about some characters from an old (lame) comic strip –>  Archie.[3] The name stands for “archive” without the “v”. It was created in 1990 by Alan Emtage, Bill Heelan and J. Peter Deutsch, computer science students at McGill University in Montreal. The program downloaded the directory listings of all the files located on public anonymous FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites, creating a searchable database of file names; however, Archie did not index the contents of these sites since the amount of data was so limited it could be readily searched manually.

The rise of Gopher (created in 1991 by Mark McCahill at the University of Minnesota) led to two new search programs, Veronica and Jughead. Like Archie, they searched the file names and titles stored in Gopher index systems. Veronica (Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Net-wide Index to Computerized Archives) provided a keyword search of most Gopher menu titles in the entire Gopher listings. Jughead (Jonzy’s Universal Gopher Hierarchy Excavation And Display) was a tool for obtaining menu information from specific Gopher servers. While the name of the search engine “Archie” was not a reference to the Archie comic book series, “Veronica” and “Jughead” are characters in the series, thus referencing their predecessor.

yeah.  i knew that.  thanx, Wikipedia.

This reminds me of an philosophical and rhetorical question, stabbing at the basic essence of everything my life was when I got my present job.  What is an “engineer”?  The dictionary said — something basically like “someone skilled at working with machines.”

Now, THAT didn’t shed much light on anything.  Over 55% of what I “do” as an “engineer” involves staring at one or more glowing rectangles, while moving cursors and clicking and typing stuff.  But Archie and Jughead and Veronica, that was (and is) sorta funny …

7 thoughts on “Our Give-a-shit Expired Long Ago

  1. I’m choosing to view Dopey being lost as a metaphor for both the two-party system and the people who support it. You know, because that’s dopey. I admit: I did this time, although I viewed it more as voting against someone rather than for someone.

    Also, the “wolf” is absolutely beautiful. Also again, I really wish Texas was Colorado right now. So very, very jealous. Glad to see it happen anywhere, though, as I’m glad to see a little more liberties for gay people as well. Not enough, but a step forward, even if not away from the two-party system just yet.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so optimistic about politics before, it feels rather strange.


  2. Seriously hilarious and very enlightening! Very succinct computer science lesson and seriously, if you and Betty ever hit the road with that act, I’ll be wheeling my mum up to your very first concert.

    Also, your newest edition to the menagerie is so absolutely mind-melting cute! Nothing that precious should be allowed to exist!


  3. oh… THAT. a friend of betty’s made that many, many years ago (20+ !) and, of course, we brought it with during our only house-transition in that time. yeah, thanx! our house is full of “art”!


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