Winturrr slides into town, and

sunrise inuk south

The horse-head profile of the Quadriped-Inuk of The Front Yard against the billowy blanket-rolls of the oncoming storm … somewhat benign (the storm, that is) at this point.

spiral inuk close

Wish I had either the camera or (more probably) the patience, eye, and ability to better capture THAT SPIRAL. I drove to work right after this, and perhaps 20 minutes later saw the spiral transform and collapse. Weird atmospheric goings-on …

d slides to mesa

“B slides toward the mesa” — we’re up Little Park, way up towards the top, lookin’ towards “The Mesa.” The first snowstorm, yeah — somewhat slight, of the season had just happened. Not much snow, but enough accompanying cold air to ensure the continuance of winter at this point. (A week later — NOT PIXURED — we did have much more snow and much more cold.) Temps are predicted to be neg-15 (C) tonight — a couple daze short of the solstice. Daze will begin to creep towards being longer, soon.

rox watches d

RockSea watches B approach.

little ice pool

“Little ice-y pool.”

close snow yucca

Some yucca in a snowy bed.

l p view south

We hike to the edge of a ridge, peer to the south (I hiked to the next ridge the following week. Continually explore!)

view to S E

“The Mesa” is big — view to the southeast, the Flowing Park/Indian Point part.


Hiking back home, Betty being the alpha wolf of this pack.

d hikes away

… alpha wolf, sans pack …

blue firehydrant lites

Betty decided we should go see some festive lights of the season. Okay, if I had the camera, a stand, the eye, the patience, more artistic ability … oh heck. This is what I got, and won’t bore you (nor me) with too many of these …


These people lit up the entire property, roadside trees, orchard trees, a few acres of transformation.

okay 7

Wheeeee ! (Fortunately, as Betty was tour-guide and driver, I brought a couple beers to stay sedated AND hydrated).

billow of sunrise

9 thoughts on “Winturrr slides into town, and

  1. keypen mined that what i see (preview) my post — is prob’ly (?) not the same as “the public”. the pixures is/are small, not much detailed. however, IF yer seein’ them in HUGE glory, there’s lotsa detail. good thing i don’t have a cam’ra when i drive to werk, etc. this a.m. there was a certain mountain with the snow fields, shadows, rising sun — no matter how cheap the camera the shot(s) wood-a been neat. oh well. THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND COMMENTS. Helps “keep me going” in regards the posts, blog, etc.


  2. Sure is picturesque up there. And the pictures themselves are very well done too. Makes me miss my old Olympus. Good work though, man, really. Even the blurry one is blurred just enough to look cool. Slow shutter speed, or just shot while moving?


    • uh: we got a ‘cheap’ ($100) hp camera when we thought we wuzz gonna go into eBay busyness (we did, for a year, then i got a ‘real’ job). we still have that camera! whether i try to be ‘still’ or not, seems most pix are as if i/we was/were moving …
      thanx 4 the comment, tho! (it’s even MORE picturesque than our camera shows!)


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