Richie Havens and Betty. (and me)

B ‘n me yoosta fly across the country semi-frequently. Her family lived on the east coast, and we didn’t. B had no qualms whatsoever about going up and talking with celebrities waiting for flights in the airport.

Richie Havens was sitting by himself and B just walked over, sat next to him, and they conversed for the better part of half an hour. She knew stuff about who he knew, what he had done (besides, she had been to Woodstock!). I wasn’t going to appear to be the groupie, or fan. I tried to maintain a thin shred of dignity.

Oh heck, I had to get up, shake his hand, chat a little. And he wrote some cosmic saying in my notebook and signed it. I wonder if I still have it, the notebook, that is.

5 thoughts on “Richie Havens and Betty. (and me)

  1. *runs off to google richie havens*

    That’s so cool! I love meeting celebrities in airports. Most of the people I care to meet no one has ever heard before, so it’s a bit of a mixed bag because whilst I am excited, no one else gives a care!


  2. I’ve just red that Richie Haven passed away yesterday….
    I think Betty and you will search for that notebook ,anyway you met him and his memory will remain with you.
    Loved your post


  3. Makes me feel old when people my teenage-self thought were cool die of heart attacks.

    I’ll have to get out my Woodstock DVD – I think he opens, and then, later that first day, is Ravi Shankar, another fine musician who died only a few months ago….


  4. I envy Betty her ability to say hello and speak coherently to celebrities. It’s a rare talent. None of that here, it’s all awkward moments and forced attempts to Be Interesting.

    And yes, I had to google Richie Havens. So that’s the guy that opened WOODSTOCK. That’s amazing. And apparently he played for three hours and improvised songs and probably like invented three new musical instruments too, sounds like. So I guess what I’m saying is I hope you can find that notebook, given what kind of person wrote cosmic stuff in it.


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