Homage to Dool

dool betty cactus top

Duallee (a.spelled.a. ‘Doollee’) expired Friday June 14. Though not exceptionally old, he looked old. Betty acquired him 11 or so years ago, after we had given “The Big Lebowski” to our son. She missed the shelter dog — or not-quite-dog-yet but puppy-about-to-enter-doghood, and adopted another one. ‘Bowski and the Dool were mates.

Cause of cessation of life-carrying-potential would have been an exploded cyst in the spleen. So the vet had to ‘put him down.’ He had been slowing down for quite some time.

Sometimes we called him ‘lump.’

dool other inuk

And sometimes I considered our dogs, frequently including the catzen other anny-mules, as the Nagual. I’d call it/them ‘Naggy.’

Naggy, the collective of the seemingly separate components, seemed to embody the unknowable force. The glue between the things, whatever “the things” are. Icebergs, as it were, protrusions into our reality from and of the unseen mysterious force and essence behind the scenes.

My beautiful picture

We picked a spot not far from overlooking into the Gunnison River, south of home, just across the county line (Delta).

dool gang emmy

Dool is pixured above in recent memory and experience … but these three other dogs terminated their respective earthly existences before he did.
The Dool’s final location of repose is not exactly near Emmy’s (Swamp-dog, the Dalmation) but with binoculars one spot could view the other. Emmy’s spot is also near the edge of a bluff overlooking the Gunnison River.

The other two dogs belonged to our kids, Ben and Rachel and whatever remains there are, are probably in Oregon. (The stealth cat, to the left, is still alive).


“The mound” takes shape. Conceptually, we envision a pyramid, eventually …

dool pool

Puddle dawg.

betty bury

Finishing? touches. We’ll go back periodically and make a bigger pyramid.

dool van

Three days after Dool’s last in this existence, the “Pillow-cat” disappeared. We’d let him out whenever he wanted and didn’t worry because invariably he’d be knocking at the door (really!) to be let back in. Sunday night he went out and wasn’t anywhere to be found the following morning. Nor the morning after that. I’m afraid to conclude: coyote breakfast. Just five cats remaining? We have room for more …

truck grave

Our dog-hauling truck … about to drive home. Hope we don’t have to make this kind of sojourn very often …

yea rite

“The Pillow” (Vanilli) and his “Siamese-twin” brother, Milli. (No, I don’t think they’re Siamese).

My beautiful picture

Ready to leave, do Sleven and Rocksea grasp the impact as do Betty and I? In the distance, a forest fire burns across the state line in Utah.

dool betty escal over

Yeah, somewhat frequently we have, and continue to, peer from the edge into the Gunnison River. Dool ‘n Betty just a few months ago. The Dominguez Wilderness Area is just across the canyon.

dool and gang

Dool with ‘the gang’ — just hangin’. (In today’s parlance, I’m afraid that it’s “chillin’ “.)

dool in inuk


Vanilli, “the Pillow” could affect a dignified aspect — tho’ not often, the goofy guy. Usually he reminded me of the chubby graceless kid in elementary school, whose main function in life at that time was to be picked on.

OM, AAAhge (‘homage’). ¿ As in consideration of the underlying and overenveloping unity between and amongst all things ? probably not. But, still.

We are at a very low dog count in our family. Though Betty frequently says “no more” how can we continue through life with just two?

A lotta happy tranquil memories — bright and, literally, high points in the plain of tedium we often exist in, and on. Ever onward —

dool follows d mesa bike

6 thoughts on “Homage to Dool

  1. I am so, so sorry to read this. I have said the same thing: “no more…never again” but then the house becomes too empty, too hollow, and then there will come a stray cat with its ribs sticking out…

    “Why do we give our hearts to friends whose lifespans are so much shorter than our own?”
    Arthur C. Clarke

    Hugs to both of you from me.


  2. This post broke my heart, although everything must die..it is never easy. I have not experienced an animals death yet, but I know I will be a mess when my pets pass on! What a beautiful tribute to Dool, looks like a great dog!


  3. so sorry to hear this dear friend…hope his soul is in peace now..I know how it feels as I was very young when two of our dogs died in few years interval ..it was heart breaking but as I grew up I am trying to understand more about life and death and trying to accept that death is the universal truth…..Hope you are alright my dear and May you feel better soon…


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