Bleu Whirlwind and Pacific Rim

Haven’t thought about it much, but our dashboard lites seem sorta neat, in perspective, or contrast, or because of, maybe in spite of, the proximity of bleu whirlwindiness.


Below, in a cloistered neighborhood which “goes all out” — a pond full of possibly traumatized (or cauterized?) ducks …


Closer duck view.  One of these years the neighborhood may try to light them up, too.


We drove by a place just west of the airport.  My photos don’t show the scope nor breadth of the effort — but whoever they are actually hire a contractor (the signs of whom were prominently displayed along the street) to do this lighting for them! *



The “bleu whirlwind” is in another part of town, about a mile or so west.  We could see the BLUE GLOW a mile away! through the intervening trees and houses ~





Such neighborhoods must have some sort of covenant or other implicit agreement whereby everyone “gets in the act.”



And, of course, they’ll expect A LOT of drive-by traffic.  Many cars will cruise slowly by with their main lights off, so as to not diminish nor affect the … ambiance.



Pacific Rim theme  –  see *, above.  B mentioned hiring the lighting-consultant company to do our place next year.  (She was kidding, I think).  We got to thinkin’ … after lookin’ at a few places with large inflatable balloon rubber figures we thought our theme would be PACIFIC RIM!  (You know, that bad recent sci-fi gawdzilla-type monster movie). Huge ugly balloon-animal creatures emerging from a scintillating light sea, rumbling and rampaging through crumbling city structures (skyscrapers, bridges, monuments) whilst the erstwhile humanoid gigantic robots go after them … the true meaning of the season!


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3 thoughts on “Bleu Whirlwind and Pacific Rim

  1. Nice photos! I can never get night pix without a lot of jiggle. We never put our lights up this year – it seemed like every time Bob had a day to do anything, it was raining cats and dogs and I have bad ladder karma.

    I’m glad to hear that you got your sister the frog chorus. Remind her to take the batteries out before she puts it away – it would be really devastating to ruin such an amazing tree ornament.


  2. Extremely interesting ,in every sense.
    I’d never seen such profusion of lights in all my life………..Usually I tend to less showy displays , but your photos are just stunning!
    (Thank you for including my blog in your list!)


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