not so much a(n) (l)anguish as perhaps an ant (or some other insect) icipation


Mid June, dorgzeneye went further up Escalante Canyawn than i’ve ever been — above “the Forks.”  Below, the dogs of the forest, or, of the high desert …


One of the rare straight and open stretches of the road ~


Though early summer, it’s still late-spring green, and there was enough water in the stream crossings to cause a bit of concern (possible engine flooding, or truck stalling from some other reason).


Some cactus flowers ~


and a dinosaur bone!  This imprint is just under 2 feet long — a small dinosaur, then.


and a watchful blue heron not far from the Gunnison River ~


and RockSea and the hole in the rock


and “JaJa” (Betty has named her Georgia) and the …


a flying-saucer rock ~  (you know, of course, the E-T’s try to disguise their escape pods in the event they need a rapid exit and whatever they came in doesn’t work) … Cowboys & Aliens?


kind of looks like Alfredo Garcia on the right, and the Banda Piedra Gigantesca


and the beginning of yet another shitty day in the paradise of western Colorawdough …


12 thoughts on “not so much a(n) (l)anguish as perhaps an ant (or some other insect) icipation

    • (shhsh! don’t tell anyone: the dino-bone was NOT up Escal (tho’ i would sus/ex/pect there’re plenty up there) — that one is plainly visible up 9-mile road). yeah: the one ranch up at the top is off the grid!
      and the country? different type of gorgeous … as you well know!


    • darn, i wish my imagination was stunning, with charming rock formations ~ the formations look better in certain light. bleached by high cloud-less noon, i’d need more imagination. however, sunrise/sunset, even our “stinking desert” looks a bit intriguing. Thanks for droppin’ by !


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