We got out of there just in time! I was looking to buy a Portlandia DVD @ the airport “Portland items” gift shop, they didn’t have any, I bought Zombie postcards instead. I showed them to people sitting around us in the departing-flight waiting-area, saying “we’re leaving just in time — this is going to happen tonight!” One fellow sighed, said “sorry for my kids, but they’ve had a full life, and at least I’ll still be alive.”

Weeurd.  The sign the Z’s are destroying, above, I had given a long appreciative gaze a couple mornings before (at about 4:45 a.m.) while returning from dropping “sunny-boy” off at the airport.  The sign was still standing, lit, upright, when I drove by.

Oh? You haven’t heard about this, the zombie apocalypse?  Strange, how it can be kept out of the media.  I think the state of Oregon Ministry of (dis)Information puts a clamp down on derogatory news, so as to not scare away the tourists.  You KNOW HOW BAD FOR BUSINESS news of that sort could be for the region!

The day before this impending Zombie Apocalypse, we went to the P, OR zoo, and fed the Lorikeets.   Rachel and Eddy get up close and personal to a magnificently-colored little beast …

bird rach eddy

Betty is the first one of our tour bunch to attract one.  Zoo-visitors could purchase little cups of some sort of honey/nectar/bird-syrup — along with the admonitions to wash our hands before and after, DON’T touch them, unless …

d happy bird


ear nibble

(unless) one of them decides to whisper secrets in her ear … Betty said that it wasn’t exactly ‘whispering’ — more like screeching and squawking.  Notice the affectionately-deposited bird excrement on her shoulder.  And that it hadn’t tried to eat her earrings … yet.


Tired ol’ gran-pa with Henry sporting the latest in facial cosmetics — a creamy yogurty paste, some of which he actually ate.


Henry could care less about juggling several of the inquisitive jockeying birds.  I’m holding them up on a stick ~

r ed bird
Rachel / Eddie.  I don’t think Eddie is ready to be a bird-perch just yet.

at park

Henry and Nelson play ball, or crawl, or ball and crawl, at a nearby park.

at pool

L – R:  Rachel, Eddie (happily yelling), their friend (forgot her name, Kaylie?) with her mom, Ben just behind with Henry, and Betty off to the right.  An action-packed vibrant nice hot summer day at the municipal pool.

awn ree

Henry (Alexander) is getting more and more mobile each day.  He’ll need it, when the zombeez come!


Ben takes us to the airport, but not before DIM SUM and the requisite visit to the ChinaTown Dragon.


Mount Hood, guardian to the east of P-town.  Also a lodge halfway up it was the starting pointy for the annual Hood-to-Coast Relay — the grandmuthur/father of all long-distance relays.  That’s ostensibly why we were there, to babysit while Rachel and Ben and Tom (R’s brother.  oh, our son) participated on a team.


I heard the garage door opening our last morning there and rushed out to get a shot of Rachel heading off to work.  She says “it’s only” a 17-mile round trip.  No wonder she’s in shape.  And she chided that I reminded her of the parent taking a pixure as the child goes off to the first day at skool …


Tom, and Eddie, relax and, uh, “chill” after the Hood-to-Coast Relay.

Back home, I’ve been watching Venus in the pre-dawn sky for about ten months now.  It makes the “close” association of it’s bigger brother (appearing as the smaller one) Jupiter.



  1. Really nice photos! But two grandkids and both so young – it must feel like vacation getting home again. And that nice blue fern shirt – will the yogurt stains come out? As I recall, baby spit stains are worse than leaky pens. I like your new background.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thanx for kind comments.
      um, i upgraded my WP status and somehow (not by my choice) that background came with it. i’ve been having a heckuva time trying to edit/change my page(s). yeah, the GP thing also does not involve how to clean out certain stains …


    • Hey! you’re (& ALWAYS will be) young: remember we met while running a 7-minute mile (then the course got tougher) — and it looked like your yard WORK was a separate job unto itself!
      we’re usually not so lucky, but “the family” is coming to visit us at our place in about 3 weeks — double whammy!


  2. Exhausting! And utterly wonderful at the same time. You seem to squeeze in just the perfect amount of family time and squeeze out the ripest bits of it, capturing those memorable moments on film. I’d say your family is one lucky, lovable group to have you behind the lens recording the “remember when” adventures.
    Fantastic picture of Mount Hood!

    Liked by 1 person

    • hey, Peak: (i’m humbled: you’re a REAL writer, i feel like a “scribbler” by comparison!) — but one can write about something as you know, ignoring the more-boring aspects, exaggerations of others, and of course just makin’ exciting stuff up!


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