What? Fall, again? flowers and spanish moss, and various visions of The Organism

My beautiful picture

Kind of wish that were my truck.  I’m spendin’ a day in Astoria Oregon a couple years back.  Me and my dockside loungin’ buddies.  Vision of the organism #1.  (Rosco yoosta refer to self in 3rd-person as that — the organism.  But I suspect, and aspire, that I’m slightly “more than that.”)

This (the tree, and plants to follow) is recent.  I spent a week “down south” (Lafayette LA) at a work-related seminar and the only pixures I took were of plants I don’t see back home.

I was walking across an undeveloped park back to the motel for lunch when I almost walked over this.  The unexpected intrusion of red, and a solitary item at that, surprised me.  It reminded me of the Villager’s mandate to banish “red” in the movie “The Village.”


Then there were more.  Actually, we have an almost identical patch of the same at our place up north ~ no leaves, no discernible ‘body’ — just the flower.

We have moss “back home”, but only at higher elevations, in the deep forest, and not as thick as this!  Spanish moss on a cypress, I think.


The moss grows strong with this one (in the manner of Darth Vader).


This shiny-leafed tree is also a stranger where I normally roam.  There were cone-like seed thingies, dry ones on the ground and the cones still on the branches had shiny red beans.




Betty found this paper wasp’s nest hidden in the vines away from the house.  Hope the slumbering occupants don’t emerge en masse later this year!  Below, we wander the Portland (Oregon) Saturday downtown market.  We each display something that we felt we needed.  Behind us is “The Spoonman” where you too, can buy all sorts of strange things to go through your head.
My beautiful picture

Hemos estado casados cuarenta y dos años — esta semana.


Betty also liked the twilight sky a week or so back.


And she also tried to capture the changing of the season.


Our house, seen from below.

My beautiful picture

Rosco lounges with a kindred spirit a few years ago on Playa Troncones.


Another boring sunrise, soon to give way to another bleak and boring Grand Valley day…
My beautiful picture

“Me and my boys” escaped the train (O Bruthur, wear art thou?) to see Wicked in Denver.  Tom is/was Everett, Ben kept asking “Gopher, Everett?” and they thought I was a toad.  (I had the toad in my pocket).


Sky on fire, just like the fire right now in our fireplace!


The Rocky Mountains are a very slow ocean.  I sometimes manage to catch a wave …

My beautiful picture


My beautiful picture

Below, should look somewhat familiar?



11 thoughts on “What? Fall, again? flowers and spanish moss, and various visions of The Organism

  1. Am I the first in commeting?
    In the last photo I recognized your famous , original logo….
    And loved ALL the others , but who is the”girl” , accompanying you while you say : “hemos estado casados etc”? Where’s Betty?
    ciao Rosco , congrats for the beautiful pics!

    Liked by 1 person

    • whoa: thankyew so much. i try to be those things, and often feel like i’m merely trying. however: Wicked? happier times (our son was, briefly, happily married) — us and all 4 kids dressed up, ON HALLOWE’EN, either ’09 or 2010 (us seniors and our fading mesmoreez) and saw the show LIVE. great fun! (the girls were the ‘sirens’ by the weigh)


  2. Very nice pix! I think your shiny-leaved tree is a magnolia of some kind. That meat cleaver is going to be useful next Halloween for scaring away the trick-or-treaters. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of fake blood.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really love the rock man by the autumn tree. I’m always fascinated with folks who have the time and patience–not to mention the talent and vision–to put something like that together. It’s sort of the best of both art and nature smooshed together.
    And I need to find me a meat cleaving hat. If for nothing else just to wear when answering the door.

    Liked by 1 person

    • i would not have started to assemble ’em in the yard, but u-no-hoo asked. my preference was “out in the booneez” where few of anybodies, maybe none, would encounter ’em. i KNOW there are some i’ve forgot where they are …thanx for droppin’ by! i’m still thinkin’ about maps and navigation …


  4. Where to start? First, beautiful skies! Betty and I are kindred spirits that way. I am always, ALWAYS taking snaps of sunsets/sunrises. I feel like a loon that should I die, and someone look at the photos in my phone it will just be skyscapes and cats. Urgh.

    Second, I LOVE the costumes. Was the theme dress up as another musical to come see a musical?

    Thirdly, your house is lovely! I love the red leaves decorating that one side. Also, good beach posing.

    Finally, I hope you had a sweet time in LA! That moss is intense. Up here in BC, we call similar stuff “Old Mans Beard.” It doubles as toilet paper if and when you find yourself stuck without. :)

    Liked by 1 person

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