Oregon Zombie Apocalypse Survival Camp Beach Weakened

  • I suppose the idea of Zombie Apocalypse Survival Camp has been around a while.  I first heard “Castle” say it (on the TV show “Castle”).  Then I ‘googled’ it, and woodn’t ya’ know it? there is/are Z A S Camps.  Prominently featured was one in New Jersey.  Okay, ours is going to be in the Caribbean!   But in the me-an-time, I figured a weekend/weakened spent with “the fam” would be a test run for the idea.
  • Mt. Hood off the wing, man.  Hazy, west Canada was (and still is) on fire, ya’ know.


  • Your typical bunch of Orygone Zawmbeez (none of whom is named “Rob”) mill about in a coffee schawpp.


  • Then the zomb’s congregate on the beach.


  • This is where the family Z sojourned when not out shuffling about.  ShorePine Village Properties.
  • IMG_2217
  • The young Zawmbeez try the tactic of smothering their uncle with pillows in an effort to wear him down to the point where they’d have a better chance to EAT HIS BRAINs.


  • Below, that is but one of the coast’s “Haystack” rocks — but the real Haystack is further north, in Cannon Beach.  This one is Chief Kiawanda Rock.  Wotta glorious day, eh?  (Good that we had ONE of those …)



  • The Photographer  of Mystery spent hours up behind us, chronicling what?  Maybe he’s reading our thoughts and conducting Kirillian Photography as Tom reads the Z A S C manual.


  •  Betty stares down the approaching 12-foot-high wave.  Kind of wish I was brave enough to cool off in such a manner.  But I was refreshed considerably when the water got up to my knees!


  • Zombie crabs were one unexpected menace.


  • The ShorePine Village dune walkway.  Built to “save” the fragile (?) dunes from errant and untrammelled trekkings and such.IMG_2360
  • My Zombie daughter and her three boys ~
  • IMG_2366


  • OF COURSE most spiders are also zombies!


  • as is Rachel’s cat ~
  • IMG_2413

I think everyone considered more-or-less “alive” today is, inna sense, going through Z A S C.

Unless, of coarse, you’re one of THEM already.

And you know who the “zombeez” probably will be?  You know —  see all those people, (mostly) morons all, who continually stare at that (w)rectangular hand-held item at the glowing screen therein?  THEY will, some day soon, receive messages from those devices, to continue to “tune in” to receive yet another set of instruxions, before they all, unanimously, stop what they’re doing, they’ve all become toadullee programmed, to shuffle off to engage in whatever the iPhones have commanded them to do.  Yes, it could (but probably not) include going after those rare few who haven’t been braying-warscht by their hand-held-items-with-the-glowing-wrectangles, and eat their brayings.

Will those of us not so afflicted be braying?  i hope not.

12 thoughts on “Oregon Zombie Apocalypse Survival Camp Beach Weakened

    • crab exo: one of my rare attempts @ close-ups. i think about “the cell phone part” daily. but/and i knew in advance the TITLE of this l’il get-to-(or un-) together …


  1. I love that haystack rock, and I remember the one at Cannon Beach! This is why the west coast beaches are so much cooler than the east. Looks like a lot of fun, though I feel sad for poor zombie crab…

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