There is only so much

Energy one has in a day?  Sometimes I use up > 100% of what I’m allocated.  So that’s why phat eeg setssin.

¿There is only so much?  Sometimes there ain’t e-nuff.  Not infrequently we may have too much of whatever:  trauma, wind, rain, the howling of the gulleycats at night, illness, ennui, weltschmerz, you name it, it has happened and if it hasn’t, it will, eventually.  (Whatever “it” is).


Recently cleaned our aquarium!  Fish seemed somewhat happy, far as one can tell how fish “feel” …  Well, one died …

& I thought I had something


4 the time b-ing, 4 me naow @ leest, there is a(n) MOL 100% fyzzykal energetick output in a given day. & those days which R’t nessessaireelee ‘given.’ (some uthur soardtuv givven (oar knot), then.)

N E haow, today, e.g., pacing about the house debating the options = 10% {X pinditchur of the daze energy-potential}.  Getting in the truck hauling the dawgz 2 the toppuv the hill for their 2-mile run = another 10%.  Going to play hockey (5%), deciding whether-or-not to axually play (10%), after 30 minutes of game time axually going out to play & still act like I’m doing it 35 min. later = 50%.  Upon returning home, going through with my promise to “do something about” vegetation growing up between the bricks of a brick sidewalk = 20%.  And in a final fittuv loonassy, mowing the (small) part of the yard I didn’t get to recently = 20%.

Sew-oh … THAT adds up to ~ 125 % (XPenditure/da/total E).  Itz eeethur anuthur X-key-oose wye igm sew tie-urd, oar eye should re-allocate the %-ages.  Buttittzbeenphunn.



I figgur that N E & ev’ree thing M an ay teeng and/or per vay ceive whitsch mite B (w)regardidd azz N-FLU-N-SEZ is the Tao.

#2s and sewwawn:  degree of sleep deprivation

Do I really need to eat?

Eat what?

Ahh… alcohol


Toe Bakko

Tea ache see

Wunz mined sett – witsch hazz sew minny ‘N FLU N SEZ’ that the summuv the parts far X-seeds the individual kwantribulations.

Yearnings            desire to X-press 1-self                  outside-N-FLU-N-SEZ on 1-self                    interaction w/ (a) people  (b) animals  (c) stimuli you’re presently sub(e)Jekktidd to  (d) impending car crashes  (e) sumtheeng horribbull awn the teevee  (f) ev’ry-friggin-l’il-thing else

Jake could (in a parallel yooniverse) dip his tongue into the river!  We often ride a few miles up off of U.S. 50 near the Delta County line/lying to this overlook.  Triangle Mesa on the horizon, middle, in the Dominguez Wilderness Area.  That’s the Gunnison River below us (maybe 500 or so feet) — and the brown object lower left is an old homesteader-house.  Just a matter of time before it collapses.



Ray-seeing thru the Yooniverse @ 7.5 x 10-9 the speed of light.  (That’s equivalent to ambling along at about 5 mph).


I/we took several pictures of a soaring/adrift on the updrafts pair of bald eagles.  Yeah, you can hardly see ’em (this was the bestest pixure I got!)



Getting a new (well, it’s a 3-year-old demo- model) hot tub … (from the expense viewpoint, it was like either a trip to Europe or this. However, at night, preferably clear star-light, chillier the better, I can easily pretend I’m (not in Europe, but) in one of the state’s hot springs resorts.)

Cloud weirdness on a recent morning ~




Similar weirdness on our last “color Sunday” (but it was Wednesday).  Going up to the Mesa …



Looking down (Land’s End Road), and


Coming back down.  Yeah, you saw some of these pixures in the prior post.  It’s LATER fall now, which means the colors are gone at the higher elevations, but still in full-swing down in our valley.  In fact, today, if it weren’t for the rain/clouds, the view above probably includes some “white stuff” right now.


8 thoughts on “There is only so much

  1. I love your aquarium! We used to have an aquarium, but it slowly created a civilization to advanced for our puny minds and left. Or maybe we moved. I can’t remember.

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    • probably 1% (I round off, hence maybe that’s why I have 85% daze, and (more often) > 110% daze.) so far today I haven’t gotten off the couch, but AM CONSIDERING “doing stuff”, so the energy meter is ticking a bit more …

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    • thanx. yeah: I know several people who play all the (ice) hockey they can. my son may play 8 or more times a week. i’m trying to play twice a week, and have unfortunately learned that I will be “in trouble” if I do anything else on hockey day (bike ride, or run). but there are 2 70+-year-olds at our arena who play much more than I !


    • (shhh! i’ll be correctly un-mis-identified as a pantheist, or something) –> of all the ethereal entiteez I occasionally run astral elbows with, one in particular, Shreddlee Phreddlee (of the nimbus order of cloud elementals) seems to be the busiest around here.


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