Forest fire! in the Dominguez Wilderness, Oct. 25 (2017)

I was driving south towards Delta (Colorado) on U.S. 50 — to go on a desert bike ride and also give the dogs a work-out.  Not too long before I noticed the “tell-tale” plume of smoke in the distance.

I figured this unfortunate event (it’s not a “controlled burn” — is it?!) was inside the Dominguez Wilderness Area.  Could be just north of Escalante Creek — perhaps up the McCarty Trail.  Jake takes in the view.

But he’d rather just consider the Gunnison River.  Tempting to a not-quite-completely-tired but never-the-less thirsty dawg.

The prevailing winds were from the west, blowing over the town of Delta.  And … ordinarily the San Juan Peaks (with Mt. Sneffels (I think) towards the left) could be viewed with a lot more clarity.

The trees of the high desert, no doubt, wouldn’t like what was going on — though in no ways temporally nor circumstantially immanent.  Besides, the Gunnison River, and gorge is in-between.

An inuk thumbzzup?  All hail the fire gawdz?  Who knows what and how the mysterious stone-assemblages perceive things …


4 thoughts on “Forest fire! in the Dominguez Wilderness, Oct. 25 (2017)

  1. I figured the smoke was over and around your house. I’ve learned over the years that I can’t really gauge nor judge “how far” the smoke-source is — I know it was WEST of you, a bit southwest of where I was (above (well, 1 mile or so) the intersection of Escalante crk and Gunn. Rvr). it appeared ‘close’ — Nor/Nat is kind of far. I did ‘google’ “current forest fires in Colo” last night and NOTHING in our area. i’ll check again ~


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