various & sundry

The sky’s on fire — many evenings the turbulent interchanges betwixt the coming night-fall and the departing day would merit a television/cable-channel soap opera ~  and the ring-necked-dove-on-a-wire tranquilly oversees the whole thing…

to be replaced by the contrail of some jet hurtling from the setting sun into the night.

Ah — the omni-present brooding moody multi-faceted Grand Mesa causing cumulus-trouble and other good stuff ~

The Inuk-below-the-house got tired and lay down during the latest severe wind-storm event.  We helped it get back on its feet …

Spurring! (is winter totally ‘over’? –>  praw-bubbly knot) — the turtles come out for sun in our pond.

Betty purchased the (“scare-crow”) owl to be a scare-peacock.  Not workin’ in regards keepin’ Kevin off the hot-tub …

Below:  Rosco digs his old hockey jersey out of storage.  For some strange reason, wearing it is especially valid today.

(Thanks to Linda @ for a recent post about arriving at one’s “last year of one’s 7th decade”).

3 thoughts on “various & sundry

  1. Happy Every Day! and Happy Day After the Anniversary of the Day You Were Born. Some years I forget to celebrate my own birthday because well, I don’t remember the day and nobody who was around at the time has ever been part of this life I loosely call mine, but celebrating every day because it is wondrous to wake up and be alive seems a very fair trade in my mind. Still, taking one day out of the year for sharing your individual celebration of life seems like a good idea too, so I’ll do it today. Yay for your life! May today be the start of many more years of wonder, excitement, and the joy of overcoming challenges that make life worth living (even after all these years).

    I am happy you were born to be alive at this time. Keep it up :)


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