i suspect nobody is in control

For those of you who’ve seen “So I married an Axe-Murderer” — there’s the scene wherein the protagonist’s father (also played by Mike Myers) goes into another of his rants, wherein he talks of the REAL POWER which runs things — rules the whirled.  It’s called “The Pentavorate” (or something like that), comprised of “the Rothschilds, the Gettys, The Queen (of England)”, a couple entities i’ve forgot (¿the Pope?) … “and Colonel Sanders.  Oh how I hate the Colonel, with his wee beady eyes, which say ‘oh YOU WILL EAT MY CHICKEN because i’ve put in an addictive substance which makes you crave it fortnightly'”.  The Pentavorate meets annually in some secret place in Colorawdough called the Meadows.  I’ve driven by a place in Steamboat Springs called The Meadows.  Hmmm…

Anyhow, I don’t think even the Pentavorate is in control of recent.  To illustrate further …

Betty went hunting shortly after THE WHIRLED-WIDE POOP HIT THE CIRCULAR ROTATING DEVICE and scored big.


The inukshuk formerly above the pool was blown over during a horrific windstorm, and was re-assembled below the pool.  Tho’ it continues to be windy, it still stands …

Kevin is apparently aroused by Betty’s gardening prowess ~


“Cat Tao.”  Annie & Walldough sharin’ the spirit, or whuddevvur ittizz ~

Just a year’s accumulation of lawn-clippings, leaf-raking, and such.  Someday this’ll be decent compost, eh?

Gazing at that flat-topped mountain to the east, i wondered if the etheric hand of the Mesa’s Guardian spirit had manifested ~

Me/an/while, Betty’s flowers are looking sorta good, considering that a lot of the irises are past peak-bloom ~



but the inuk-thingeez rarely are in any sort of “blooming” stage.

7 thoughts on “i suspect nobody is in control

  1. That’s a cool yard! If you have to be quarantined, that’s a great place to do it. Also, that fried chicken scheme referenced in “SIMaAM” sounds like exactly the evil scheme that the heroes have to foil in “Undercover Brother”!

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    • my wife sez she sure feels it. she talked to a fellow swimmer (CMU athlete) who, yesterday (i think) was out rafting between you and me (Gunny River coming into Whitewater) who said ASH was falling from the sky where he was. yeah; visibility is impaired, but like you know from all these years, i’m afraid this is “typical” for this time of year. 4 or so daze ago out in the yard i saw what i believe is/was the actual lightning strike up north of the B-Cliffs, and had the bad feeling a fire would start. next day i saw smoke from the same spot. the Pine Gulch fire is presently over 4k acres and no-where near a semblance of control …

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