Last Wednesday night I went out and had some fun with a dozen-and-a-half of my friends. That’s right, the local ‘adult’ ice-hockey league. Our area had, now lacks, a viable indoor facility, so we make do in the winter with an outdoor rink. For as long as the cold weather holds.

I drove home grinning. It was just like back in elementary school, with the whole class out at recess chasing the soccer ball. Or whatever. Everyone just having fun. One side or the other was probably “winning” but NOBODY seriously cared about that.

We ranged in age from just over 20 to whatever my age is. Didn’t matter. Three women among the men, more than holding their own. In fact, I was out on a line with our two “girls” and we’d spend most the shift at the other end. Yea.

shirt skin hockey

Played again last night. Almost the same feeling, “kids at play” except one guy who wasn’t there the previous time would talk to us, the rest of his team, about strategy. What we had to do, what we shouldn’t do. I don’t think any of us really listened to him.

It was still a kicken-the-butt good time. And, after a two-and-a-half year hiatus, I scored a goal. Even though practically everybody else had scored by then (the game’s best player, a lady named Jessie had three) the ref made a point of awarding me that particular puck.

puck 15

I’ll return it to the puck-pool next game. And! Later, I was sent off the ice for a PENALTY. THAT hadn’t happened for a really long time either. (Alleged hooking, whatever THAT is). What a night.

(kitten in bag, having fun)
Yeah, some of the cats, the kit in particular, can’t resist exploring the possible gate to Narnia which apparently exists inside my smelly cavernous hockey-equipment bagg.

Fortunately, no pixures of ‘the kids’ (human) having fun … but OTHER kids have varying degrees of, maybe, fun in our house and nearby.

snow rox

I hiked with the dawgz also last Wednesday, a couple hour sojourn through not-so-deep snow up the east slope of “The Mesa.” Rox is, as is obvious, such a schnow-dawg.

snow slevv

As is Sleven. Rompin’ in da white stuff.

milli & 3others

Milli “holds court” with some of his subjects milling (uh, pun intindid?) around …


lapp milli

Betty has, like it or not, a lapp warmer.


“The Kitt” is always having fun.

hyber broosx

Hard to tell if Bruce has fun, or what, but it’s hibernation season, in a Risky corner of the basement.