snowier, coldier. NeckstYear almost, already

Greetings, sports fans.

Your humble editor/observer of whatever-it-is in what passes for his small corner of the yooniverse reflects and ruminates on various things. Fortunately, few, or no pixures of the aggravating stuff. The banged-up beat-up stuff. (Yes, our local ice-hockey season recently started).



As EVERYONE knows, winter in its full blizzarding blustering glory has settled in. We’ve definitely ‘turned the corner’ from autumnal/equinox flavors into the short daze & long knight season. Below, the Grand Mesa, tire trax in the snow — out at “Bean Ranch”.

My beautiful picture

I often visit the original inuk-of-whitewater, serene in the frosty landscape.

My beautiful picture

Two cave critters soakin’ it up in the sunspot on the cave floor (under the dine-room taybul).

sun floor cats

Another wintry inuk encounter …

n inuk frum s

This day (actually, Christmas Day) I went on a “ramble” — more like “a stumble” with our three beasts who haven’t been getting out much. Below, a transient reminder of my passing…

trax midMesa

Foreground bush, background Mesa.

bush mesa cloudroll

Doggie snow-tracks. Doin’ what forest (or, in this case, wintry high desert) tiggurz do best.


My son (& his gal) pose between games of the Steamboat Thanksgiving Hockey tournament. She was starting center, and he was game-high scorer, gettin’ a hat trick. His hockey-supremacy was not long to last, being put on the back burner: a nagging back pain had to be “dealt with” soon after this — he is convalescing nicely, thank you, after repair of a herniated disc a few daze later.

tom shannon post hockey

Yeah, “poor kid” (he’s prob’ly older’n half my (ir)regular readers) — this back surgery thing should have been done months ago, but … he’ll recover (I think) and he’ll be (just one of) the terror(s) of the ice before ya’ know it. He had a problem with (couldn’t feel) one of his feet. I helped cheer him up by suggesting an Oscar Pistorius approach, if things came to THAT. He pulled out his tablet and within a minute pulled up a pixure of some figure-skater’s “skate foot” and lower leg. Well, if there’s a FIGURE SKATER out there doin’ the Oscar Pistorius thing, my son could be “the Oscar” of his hockey league.

Kinda funny, and reverse-coincidental: in mid 2010 when my town’s ice rink CLOSED (bankrupt, bad business practices, other complications) and my so-called career temporarily ended, our son finally started playing regular organized hockey.
Now that he can’t play (hopefully for just a couple months or so) my local temporary facility opened and I’m the seasoned, beat-up, banged-up veteran of two games. The worst beating was when I got out on the ice before the first game, skated around, swatted at the puck, then decided to practice skating backwards. Immediately I caught the heel of a skate in a hole and crashed down, hitting the back of my head. So badly and clumsily that my glasses were scrunched and I spent the entire game trying to unbend them so I could see. I DID put in the contacts for the next game.

The rest of my life isn’t any better.

Happy new year, everyone!

10 thoughts on “snowier, coldier. NeckstYear almost, already

  1. you’re being kind, madame ethel. yeah, we like “this couple” (as compared/opposed to the previous!). i’ll call him inna bit, unless … shall i send you his # ? (you could get cheep ski tickets @ steamboat, etc.)


  2. Hey, happy late New Year. I could swear I commented on this like two days ago, but I guess it didn’t take. Hmm.

    After reading your post, I am left with the overwhelming impression that I should steal your landscape. It concerned me initially that I wouldn’t have room for the inukshuks, but upon consideration, if I did steal the whole landscape, that wouldn’t be a problem. Alas, physics and morality prevent me.

    Hope 2013 is good to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • i can see (or used to, the fyzzyx has evaporatid frum me) why da fyzzyx prevents you. but morality? YOU CAN HAVE IT! there’s plenty to share! when we meet mid-weigh (uh, … middull or n. gnu meckseeko?) we can build inuk-thingies. sumtimes my comments don’t take. like NOT settin’ the hook (fly) in the trout, or bass.
      okay, how are we, jointly, going to accomplish this landscape stealing?


      • Well that’s very generous of you. And it’s always gnu meckseeko…I’ve met a few friends (or mostly one very close one in particular) over there, and my mom actually lives there nowadays, in Carlsbad. Her people are from Roswell, so I can blame alien intervention for all of my flaws and strangeness. Love the landscape there too, it’s so different. Even the grasshoppers were different.
        And that explains it: I’m terrible at fishing. Sorry, WordPress, for doubting you.
        I’m thinking like lots and lots of shovels and wheelbarrows. Between that and the inuk-thingies, that’s one hell of a workout right there.


      • I wish we could climb the Flatirons at 3 a.m. and review the situation…but I ran out of candles, but could light cheeseburger wrappers, I suppose :D

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