Eddie, the StairMaster. Stair-Gate not often necessary. I don’t think there’ve been StarGate occurrences, but, heck, would most (if not all) of us even know?

sunn wryze

Betty and I play host to the un-diaspora of our children — both “kids” (probably older than most or all of my half-dozen readers) and grandson are here. The week dawned darkly, and the weather has been more on the “let’s stay inside” variety of recent.


Nice of Rachel to bring a chair especially for the cat. Betty and I are still pretty new to this grandparent status, and so, the newest kitten in our household is our first grandkitten as well.

eddie chair cat

Eddie shares his chair.

r kit fish1

Rachel noticed the kitten watching the fish channel and assists it …

r kit fish 2

in a virtual fishing experience.

The week-end prior to our kid’s visit, Betty and I put on our annual running race, the Valentine’s Massacre Beverage-Prediction Three-Mile run. Read all about it at:


We had a few “breaks” in the inclement weather, and hiked up the Tabeguache Trail out of Whitewater. Rachel and Son are quite the fashion-statement, eh?


And another family favorite, the down-the-driveway wagon rides …

r dool ed wagon D

Mom and daughter at the edge of Bang’s Canyon.

Muthur dotter

A look at our grandson, Edward Lawrence George, hopefully soon to fall asleep. Not that we don’t enjoy him when he’s awake!

chair eddie

The grand-kitten however, exerts its authority, finding comfortable power spots of repose wherever it wants.

cat rules

The day dawns a little brighter toward the end of our mini-family reYoonYin —



  1. Eddie misses being the stair master. We did a little playgrounding today and I must say, he is even BETTER than before on the stairs to the slide !


  2. Man, I really have been remiss about commenting. Please accept my most sincere apologies! Your fam, it has to be said, is ridiculously beautiful. Seriously.

    And what a stair master! He’ll be out hiking on his own in no time.


    • i didn’t MEAN to ‘rattle the bars of yer cage’ — okay, i’m insecure and NEED YOUR APPROVAL. yours, and Audrey’s. and …
      you realize how ‘beautiful’ the fam would be IF I STAYED OUT OF ALL THE PIXURES!?


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