The WOMBAT-ARCH INUKTHINGY, or The Dorsal Indifference Of The Beast

This is a post, mostly pixures, about THE INUK-THINGY NEAR WOMBAT ARCH. And, of course, there will be other, random, unrelated observations. And ruminations.
Take a look at the Betunada site picture at the top of this ‘page.’ Rosco (me) is atop ‘Wombat’ Arch — and the photo is by Benjamin George (Eddie’s dad) from a few years back.

As you can tell, it definitely IS an “arch.” It helps to have day, or sky-light visible as the backdrop. So … these photos (below) are from ABOVE the arch, and the “arch-ness”, or archeosity, or arch-essence, qualities, character, whatever, is/are not as obvious. And there’s an INUK-THINGY nearby. Enjoy … and just wait ’til dessert …

Looking west, from the arch, past the Inuk-Thingy. A typical west Colorawdough high-desert turbulent spring un-settled sky.

Two dogs (RockSea and da Slevv) are on top of the arch. I was leery of doing same, as it seems to have possibly crumbled a little from the prior visit, and the integrity (not to mention ‘safety’ factor) could be in question. Probably silly of me to have thought this, but it WAS windy. Never-the-less, there are several hundred pounds of rock being held up. There will, eventually, be a return visit and opportunity for goofy portraits …

sleven arch
Sleven on top of the arch.

inuk lookin north
What, if anything, do I think about when rambling through the high desert? One pleasant and happy thought was that I considered walking across the arch, but being alone (the only ‘human’) it would be my luck for the thing to collapse, and the good chance I wouldn’t be killed, but would be horribly and painfully mangled. So, if there’s someone(s) with me, I’d do it (walk across, stand there), so whoever could report to whoever one reports to if the thing collapsed.

This little sentinel-cairn was in the valley below the arch.

View back towards the Grand Valley, sun at my back. Turbulent sky, unsettled and transitional — I usually like this kind of day.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali tell us that connection to and realization of the unity among and behind and around all things is always close. Within. If it was a measurable distance to get to it, it would be less than an inch. But … the barriers, what keeps each of us, me, you, from that realization must be daunting. Intertwined. A thicket. A large overturned semi-truck blocking the road, hazardous waste spilled and ankle-deep in places. The Haz-Mat crew out in full PPE mopping and sopping and bagging it up. No, IT AIN’T THAT COMPLEX. It should all be so very very simple. I tell myself that, and try to clear the mind, stop the infernal dialogue, concentrate. Sometimes I manage to try to hold this thought for … oh, maybe ten seconds. I am so, very … deep.


I wuzz deriving to werk a coupla daze back, feelin’ paranoid. That old familiar feeling. Doom, more gloom, around the corner, under the bed?, through and within the forest, never far away. And then another thought put it all in perspective. A line from the movie “Men In Black” (Part II or III, I think) spoken by the Tommie Lee Jones character: THERE IS ALWAYS A KIRILLIAN DEATH-CRUISER ABOUT TO DESTROY THE EARTH.


7 thoughts on “The WOMBAT-ARCH INUKTHINGY, or The Dorsal Indifference Of The Beast


    Great post, and really fab pictures. I so love your doggies.

    Are there first nation tribes in the areas that build the inukshuks? It’s funny, I just always assumed they were something native to the tribes from BC!

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  2. Mz. VW: (1) i have the basic INTENT (i think) of the quote. TommyLee was tellin’ WillS not to take the particular impending disaster that seriously, as …
    (2) sssh! don’t tell anyone, but I am about 99.7% sure there are no “1st nation” people who built anything like inukshux in these parts. we have, um, wiki-ups (not at all related to wiki-leaks, but, hey! lookittupp awn wikipedia, eh?) YOU ARE KEYRECT: i am fairly sure inukshux are a canadian aboriginal ‘thing’ (possibly alaska, greenland also?). a way to put traffic signs and such onto and into the vast flat trackless arctic north.


  3. i’m part of the pack, 76. (BTW: a big “yum” to your recent Milan bakery post!). not much of a story, the story ‘rambles’ like the actual hike … but thanx, nice “seein’ ” ya’ !


  4. If I’ve asked you this before I apologize in advance, but do you build these inukthingies or do you just find them out there? It’s equally awesome either way.

    I totally understand about the Yoga Sutras…the things they say make so much sense, and you could maybe even say they were self-evident, but there’s a huge, night/day difference between a superficial understanding and actual, direct understanding. At one time I could do a little better than ten seconds, but not lately. But I’ll stop here, because I can ramble on and on about this stuff. I get that feeling of doom too, I’ve had that a lot lately. Wondering where it comes from is something I’ve been trying to figure out for a long time now. Somebody whose advice in these matters I value a great deal once told me to just sit with the feeling, like meditate on it, but for obvious reasons I’m a bit reluctant to do that.

    Plus I could probably only hold the thought for like ten seconds.

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    • “i” may kim.
      however, i’ve come across “other people’s” (a) modern wikiups (b) cave paintings (both aboriginal and recent) (c) more than one prayer-wheel/miniature stonehenge (d) just plain cairns (e) piles of rox (f) a sort of whacko-X-tian shrine at which a lot of attention had been spent (g) hobo camps! (h) hobo caves, some of which look a little bit like mesa verde but no crop circles.


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