If I died & went to … Heaven?


Yeah, right. With my luck, I’d end up in Mormon Purgatory. Continue on in Jewish limbo? (Oh why, Lowered, does this pschidt always happen to me?) Be banished to being an alimentary-canal bacterium in the Boddhisatva’s stomach?

Well, probably.

But if I wuzz, you know, to abide after the body’s demise, in some pre-ordained boundary set of conditions for the next “go around” — it’d be like today (Satyrday, March 30).

We slept in late. How indolent is that?



We drove up into the hills, to the south (and upper) end of Cactus Park — where Betty rode the bike around the CP loop and I ran up Gibbler Gulch (see “x” in photo).

The south end of Gibbler Mountain — Gibbler Gulch goes west, eventually into the Dominguez Wilderness Area. We parked at a BLM park-lot at the yellow circle. Betty rode her bike back and around the “Cactus Park Circle” while I (& dawgz) went up the valley, through the red “X” … after a mile of ATV-churned sandy trail, we were in the forest, the stream was flowing with ice in places, with fresh canine footprints (fox and coyotes?) on top of the faded ATV tracks. Chattering of squirrels and various birds in the trees. The cerulean canopy overhead, punctuated by billowy cumulus.

Back home, as the Beatles might’ve sung (had they been Spanish)
Hacer el jardín, cavando las malos-hierbas, ¿ quién podria pedir por màs ?



I was fatigued, Betty was on a mild exercize-induced high. What better way to hydrate and sedate whilst “puttering about the yard” than …

A Stone Brewery offering, in the “odd year” 2013 series — a barley-wine style ale, with 11+% ACTIVE INGREDIENT!
And a 60-ring gauge Cubano, now that the lungs were cleared out and better able to appreciate it …

( knock on wood ) It appears winter is over, time for Bruce to move back outside, soak up the vitamin D (not a lot of THAT in the basement).

Friends just drop by and catch up …

kit dool

My kind of day — with, of course, good food (JonnyCarino’s!) & muzyk (we werkt on some new sawngz) later …

8 thoughts on “If I died & went to … Heaven?

  1. frequently you’re the first to drive slowly by my “car wreck.” um, okay, say I HAVE excluded Paradise in my future, and I let you know… then what?
    or, (as is axual) I haven’t excluded it, in whatever future (or, in cases like mine, where one could be going forward into the past) i feel i KNOW, i BELIEVE, i am pretty darned sure, that the ultimate train-stop at the end of the line, is what most of us would call “paradise.”
    often many of us are there already anyway.


  2. i’d post another, but a week later (apr. 6) was a copy of last week’s “if i died & … heaven” day. with some differences. the state-mandated recreational influence.
    And, when one considers the spaces betweeen the tines-of-the-forks not ridden, nor rode, upon.
    y … hicimos nuestro diversiòn o divertido nuevo y viejo: chinga-de-chinga entre los sesentas. “Tiny Elvis” (Elvis diminuto) visita el templo.


  3. Indolence is good, though. But then I am likely a very indolent person, so there’s some bias at work.

    Looked up Mormon purgatory too. That sounds pretty terrible. I live in fear of people asking me to go to church, and that’s basically all their purgatory is.

    Sounds like an excellent Satyrday. Very cool turtle/tortoise too. Not sure what the distinction is between the two, what with them not being bats and all.

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