RAY deviant SKY spydyr Web Day

ray 1

Wottaday. Axually we didn’t do anything especially supernormal, except that it was a “full” day with no major disasters. Woke up early to help at a running race (read all about it as soon as I submit results to http://www.coloradorunnermag.com ) and though that undertaking was fraught with potential peril, ultimately we persevered. The running race was a fund-raiser for the local community hospital. They brought in CELEBRITIES! Most notably …


I obtained an autographed picture of Corky! The official mascot of the local minor-league basebawl team, the Grand Junxion Rockies. We continually lament: why did they name the team the same as their major-league affiliate? Why not the G.J. Coyotes? Corky, as you can tell, is somewhat unique, charismatic, and quite the community ambassador.

ray 2

Overhead, at first un-noticed by us, the contrails converged. There could have been some emergences, but it seemed everything was headed to … L.A., I think.

Below, you can see why we call this animal The Pillow Cat.

My beautiful picture

The chores of the day presented themselves, as seems to be the usual. We have been having problems with a rogue beaver in our pond, and the “last straw” (yeah, it seems there never is really a very last straw) was when we discovered that two of our trees had been chewed and knocked down on our lake-shore. Why can’t beavers eat the russian olives or tamarisk instead? So Betty directed me to call for a trapper to (humanely) trap, then re-locate, the intransigent beast, and she would walk to the local association president’s house to discuss this with him. I was considering making the call, but I noticed she didn’t walk very far, getting to the next neighbor’s yard and was engaged in a long conversation with the tenant.

I suspected where that exchange might go … and didn’t call, just yet.

And we wonder what happened to most the ducks …

My beautiful picture

Betty’s conversation with the neighbor hopefully will make the beaver situation resolved shortly. Suffice to say that this particular neighbor has been dealing with other neighborhood nuisances and this additional factor can easily fit in with the rest of that particular equation. So, for the time being, one less worry for us.

My beautiful picture

We really do have a never-ending pantheon of property maintenance issues, and while Betty and neighbor were engaged, I heard a strange gurgling hissing noise at the base of a wall in a garden. Oh, poop — another leak in the yard-sprinkling-system. I envisioned a call to our usual irrigation fix-it guys, and the resultant $$$.

Betty already on a roll, walked back, saw where I had begun the preliminary excavatory investigation, and didn’t suggest, but insisted that we see if we could fix this ourselves. Such a trooper. Though it took maybe an hour of digging and major masonry removal, the leak was merely a loose hose clamp. Not so easy to fix, as we had to dis-assemble a section of (fortunately: uncemented) stone-work and walk-way to access the disagreeable section of pipe.

Other, minor, outside property maintenance issues were dealt with (including finishing the cutting and moving of the two recently-deceased trees) and I was finally able to scan the skies overhead.

My beautiful picture

Where we live is apparently below a sort of Interstate for non-earthbound transport. Usually the signs of the conveyances passing are parallel. But today? Notably convergent …

Wall-dough does some rock-climbing. Yeah, sorry, the obligatory cat pixure …

My beautiful picture

The not-so-hectic day gradually segues into the nocturnal cycle, and I wish I could conclude and convey that all was right with the Goddess’ whirled, and you know what? — it probably is, but I, in my finite and polarity-opposite-extreme-bounded whirled, am rarely certain.

dark lake

9 thoughts on “RAY deviant SKY spydyr Web Day

  1. Just awesome. First – PILLOW CAT! Yes. Second, that’s awesome about the mascot. I love meeting mascots/random famous people. And good to hear that the rogue beaver is being (well) taken care of.

    Great post!


    • as you remember from “richie havens” — Betty usually can’t resist. she did resist Corky, however. damn (heh!) beaver! ~ we have such SILLY ‘problems’, don’t we?


  2. Hey, it’s yummygal. Those trails are headed to NJ and not California, haha! On a side note, I think Corky and the Beaver need to get together and have a Royal Rumble. Hope you get that bugger. Do you guys ever have an issue with coyotes? They’re starting to show up around here, but have only seen them out west. You got to come up with a clever name for the Beaver! I read every post you write. I only follow maybe 3 bloggers, lol. But I like you enough for awesome reading entertainment purposes to go via my mailbox

    Hope Betty gets that Beaver! You got a cheerleader over here in Jersey to catch it! I’ll be watching! .


  3. Ms. YG: well, those seemingly convergent trails … could … go either to/from NJ. but why OVER MY HOUSE? good idea: corky & the beaver. hmmm…
    coyotes (besides corky): yeah: we “donate”, on the average, a cat a year (sometimes more) to the coyote lunch fund. one of these daze it’ll be like Hitchcock’s “Birds” — ‘cept, hasn’t M Nite Shy-Man just put out a movie about this?


  4. Do you think there’s something you could get to “paint” the lower trunk on your trees that would make it taste awful to the beaver?


    • i’ve already put on horse HOOF treatment. has creosote, and other gooey things. and i wrapped chicken wire around a couple trees. the ‘battle’ continues …


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