awn tawppuv the whirled @ LAND’S END WHACKAROONY

A nite or two ago, out peeeng in the yarrd, cigar in the other hand, the warm nite breeze stirring what’s left of my ever-diminishing hair, clothes scattered somewhere in the house, dogs snuffling about in the bushez nearby, i could FEEL the mesa. Twenty or so miles away, it’s close, especially when you consider scale. Scale or not, the brooding is diffycult to ignore. The Grand Mesa definitely BROODS. I think i’ve come to some sort of terms with it. Heck, i’mma bug compared to it. An uneasy peace.

YOU ARE ON TOP OF THE WHIRLED @ Land’s End. (Land’s End is the western-most point of the Mesa). There are a few other places where that is also true. However. When HERE, there is no doubt, this is Land’s End, Whirled’s Top, Sky’s Bottom.

“Heaven’s” transition zone.

dem tree

Ricardo Cabeza, Amy Verde, and Betty Betunada, lookin’ west, toward You-taw, the Uncompahgre Uplift, the San Juans.

d ride

Betty complains, but you know she enjoys this incestuous relationship with the hills, her bike, the Siberia-like steppes of the Mesa-top.


I’d like to think one’s sense of perspective definitely is re-aligned here.


Goin’ by one of the multitudes of Mesa-top lakes.


Breeding ground, mating grounds, cafeteria, game room, the veritable downtown itself for clouds.


A lonely cloud, about to join the dance.


Ricardo decides to embark on an inuk-building adventure. I don’t know if he’s been the spirit-medium, the vessel (as it were) as a conduit for emanation of same, before, but he rolls up his sleeves (so to speak) and dives in …

inuk panorama 3

Big Mesa-top meadow, Ricardo, the Inuksuk of Mesa Top, Amy and Betty approaching …

inuk close

The artist within the spirit of the creation, emanation, we are but the inheritors of the never-ending intermingling of matter, life, creative spark …

Inuk real close

Inugg w/ distant clouds

Latest in the series: RockSea & RockGnome.

inuk clouds flow park

View toward the Flowing Park arm of the Mesa.

flwrs and eventual

Betty liked the late-season flowers, some distance down from the top. The promontory in the distance is where the Inuk-building and photos and such occurred.

slvn/rocks and cloud shadow

We look down — to where I live, Grand Junxion, and the (when you consider this perspective) narrow band of greenery when compared to the surrounding desert — I tried to portray the band of shadow where it’s raining, with the rain-clouds overhead. Sleven and Rocksea explore in the foreground. Yet another consideration of perspective …

slvn and cloud shadow

Sleven continues pig-dogging …

oh: click on the above, a BIG pixure should be manifested. More in the category of meditations on the idea of perspective. Beautiful, eh?

d pedal steep hillside

Anyone who “hits the road” for run/ride workouts should readily agree — the seemingly difficult ascent effort is offset by anticipating the view when one reaches the top (and the resultant downhill!).

Ricardo and Amy went back up to visit the Inuk-of-Mesa’s-Edge a couple weeks later. He reported that the inuk not only had accumulated bird-feces, MONEY had been left in/on the interior stones. Hmmm….

12 thoughts on “awn tawppuv the whirled @ LAND’S END WHACKAROONY

  1. Gorgeous photos! “Grand” is a good name for your mesa: it’s huge. All those clouds had me thinking of Joni Mitchell lyrics about ice cream castles and feather canyons.


  2. Yes real money, and a little creche at the foot of the rock gnome
    I was curious to see if it was possible to obtain GPS Coordinates from these photos, but it doesn’t look like it


  3. This post has inspired me in two ways: firstly, I think I will rip off your “travelogue” posts and do one about the bike trail I ride on the way to work in the mornings. It’s very scenic and basically a physical nature documentary, right down to how it degrades when you get to urbanity. And depending on how authentic I want to be, perhaps a picture of me sweating and panting and near-insensate.

    Secondly, and much more cool, it just occurred to me that this land has tons of big flat sandstone rocks everywhere. Inukshuk army. It’s coming. Been wanting to this for a long time now, ever since I first read about them on your blog. Any advice for a newbie?


  4. you live near austin? mebbe r-cabeza and i can come awn over (1) to jine awn in witch yez tew emanate an inuk-thingy (2) participate inna jam with a sax-playing cousin’s signif-other in that area! mite azz well throw a couple birds at the single stone, eh?


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