more memories, a note on ‘time’, but one glimpse of a possible “future”


a note on “time”, and reincarnation

& another in the politikillee incorrect series

chapter n+1 in the “being on which side of which” series

and sew awn

etherial harkening of dawn

it was many years ago, i think, when reading ouspensky (or something equally as esoteric and  obscure) wherein it was posited, that ‘time’ is that aspect or ‘place’ from where one views one frame or part of a sequence of ‘reality’, one after the  other. if a being is enmeshed and lives and operates in the ‘three dimensions’  (as, i suspect, most of us do?) — then it is from the 4th (your dimension + 1)
where you view and experience the 3-D passing by. and so it goes — if we were existing in/on a plane (two dimensions) then from the 3-D we’d see one plane after another pass by. whoever the author of whatever it was i seem to remember having read was — (s)he wanted readers to aspire and try to imagine being in ‘higher’ dimensions — and that ‘TIME’ WOULD BE ONE DIMENSION ‘MORE’ OR ‘HIGHER’ THAN THAT IN WHICH YOU LIVEd your LIFE. i think it worked. i’d think about whatever it was, my head would swim, i’d get a buzzing sensation, and edgar caycee wrote/said that about ten million years ago, a bunch (a lot, millions) of souls wandering the universe happened upon our planet. they became involved or enmeshed and couldn’t escape and so have been living here and reincarnating ever since. sucked into sansara. doing whatever it is to free ourselves from bondage to matter.

more, etherial

even more esoterically, if that’s possible, i read that a tenet of scientology
claims that, again, many millions of years ago, a bunch of beings were brought
to earth wherein they (voluntarily?) were vaporized by a combination of H-bombs
and volcanoes — only the spirit survived — and have to work whatever it is, out of whatever our “self” is through reincarnation.

but i have my own point, my own theory. maybe scientology is right. if i had
a laboratory which could analyze this planet for residual h-bomb residue,
metamorphosized by volcanic horrificness, ten million years after the fact,
perhaps i could refute that. worse yet, prove it. no matter.
and so … i happened to think a short while back that though from this (and
each and every) life: time does, indeed, seem to “go forward” — maybe it
doesn’t. not only for those of us who ‘believe’ in reincarnation. THIS IS
TRUE, NOT ONLY FOR ME, BUT FOR EVERYBODY. i don’t feel i simply believe.
faith? certainty? part of what i feel i know? religious adherents have faith,
unshakable for those of the flock, the included, oh — we who are of the body.
maybe i’m a “good” hindu. yeah, right. i wish …

so … we live this life, then leave it. could my next incarnation be in what
we presently regard as the past? why not? and so i progress toward the
relinquishment of bondage to matter, and may come to terms with the unity a
long, long, time ago.

glowing mesa cloudtop

A nother politically incorrect opinion: regarding the recent (about two weeks
ago) episode of an American soldier running amok, blasting about an Afghan
village killing innocent civilians. The stance of the U.S. powers-that-be
is/was, of course, horrified, “that’s NOT the way we do things,” etc.

I’ve been thinking that if i were prezidunt, or the general in charge, some
spokesperson, perhaps i would not have been so apologetic.

“Now — you see? We’re like you! We, too, have unbalanced whack-o’s who run
amok and kill innocent strangers. Sure, most our people are reined-in, civil,
decent — but, like you, we have some citizens who behave quite badly. We’re no
different …”

Couple that incident with the somewhat less-recent Koran-burning … didn’t the
media (briefly, in passing) state that those ‘holy’ books were tainted? That
there were quite unholy ungodly murderous phrases scribbled in the margins?
Being the only person i personally know WHO HAS ACTUALLY READ THE Koran, i
don’t remember an edict stating that if a Koran is tainted, made un-holy by
not-nice things written in them, that they should be burned? but i’m somewhat
sure the media mentioned this. not sure.

Either way, really, how are “we” any different than the backward 3rd-world
whacko-s in whose countries we’ve been intervening? mindless senseless crazed
acts of violence are perpetrated by the inhabitants of those lands daily — and
hardly makes front page news anymore. but if U.S. Citizens DO THE SAME THINGS,
oh … brother, get out of the way of the media and world-opinion tidal-wave and

i’d say to “them”: in some ways, however unfortunate, some of the acts
perpetrated by “our” people are quite like what we’ve been the recipients of …
from you.

glowing bookcliffs w/cutlery

i should tone down, ‘work on’ moderating the above. ah heck, let’s leave it.
for now.


i read the obituaries whenever i peruse a newspaper. Jerry Quiller, a friend
of mine from long ago, died recently. I will probably chronicle that in a
newsletter i write and edit, as it will be pertinent (running organization).

and Ted Strickland, a one-time Lt. Governor of Colorado recently checked-out.
now, i didn’t know Ted, but … it reminded me of when I had THE MOST FUN I EVER HAD AS A REPUBLIKKIN.


in 1974, years before most of you were born, or were old enough to be doing
boring ‘grown-up stuff’, Betty and i attended the Colorado State Republican
convention. i wonder if things would be different for us today, as there are
several television channels, the internet, digital this-&-that, and more sports
and pastimes to pursue. back then there wasn’t.

so maybe because we had nothing better to do, we attended the State convention
— me as a Delegate, and she as the guest of a Delegate. the night before the
actual Convention, we went to the dinner and banquet for the Republican nominee
for Governor, John Vanderhoof.

i exercised (and exhibited) a bit less restraint in those days, and as there
was free alcohol, we took advantage. “Johhny Van” was standing at the head of a
reception line, receiving a line of well-wishers and attendees and such. and i
was so empowered by not only youth and bravado, but by the power that alcoholic
imbibation to excess provides, that …

with a BIG DRINK in hand, i elbowed or somehow managed to place myself in the
receiving line right next to Johnny Van. everyone who went by and shook the
Repubblikkin candidate for Governor’s hand — pausing for a few sentences and
such, then had to shake my hand and exchange a few sentiments, then on to the
next dignitary in line. i met a woman who remembered my mom back in high
school, in Del Norte, in the later 1930’s. I think her name was Betty Deacon.
every few minutes i’d tap Mr. Vanderhoof on the left shoulder and ask “Drink,
Governor?” without even a glance my way, his left hand would reach over and i’d
place my BIG DRINK into his hand. he’d take one or two big gulps, hand it back,
and continue greeting those next in line. from time to time i’d replenish the
drink. i can’t remember exactly what it was, but i had a large container and
the contents were probably heavy-on-the-whiskey and ginger ale. of course i
kept from getting parched, too.

after what seemed to be half an hour (it might have been 20 minutes) i was
somehow convinced or coerced to leave my place in line, so i disappeared into
the banquet room throng to, if not continue, then tone down the madness. Betty
said that as she milled about, she’d hear people asking aloud: “who is THAT
next to Governor Vanderhoof?” maybe someday i’ll see a pixure of me and da Guv,
receiving the party faithful who were dutifully trooping by.

i remember an acquaintance of mine wearing a cheesy straw hat proclaiming USE
YOUR HEAD — VOTE FOR TED at the convention the next day. i can’t remember what Ted Strickland was running for. but, hence the thin and tenuous thread from then, to now.

(this is culled from a soon-to-be-extinct Yahoo! ‘Group’, ” asylum2 ” — and this particular essay was written over a year ago. so, what is referred to as “current” herein, isn’t). among other things.  and, somewhat coincidentally, “Johnny Van” expired last weekend — having walked about in this life on this Earth for over 90 years.  I think he was the only ‘west-sloper’ ever to be Guvernor of Colorawdough.

My beautiful picture

7 thoughts on “more memories, a note on ‘time’, but one glimpse of a possible “future”

  1. No, no, no, no…. We are not supposed to even think things like:

    “Now — you see? We’re like you! We, too, have unbalanced whack-o’s who run amok and kill innocent strangers. Sure, most our people are reined-in, civil,
    decent — but, like you, we have some citizens who behave quite badly. We’re no
    different …”

    We are supposed to believe (but never say) that all Muslims are crazed terrorists. This is really, really important so that we can make a few exceptions to our silly idea that genocide isn’t nice and then it will be OK to go over there and kill as many people crazed terrorists as possible.

    Sarcasm, aside, I agree with you. I think most of us humans just want to live our lives and raise our kids in relative peace and we mostly don’t regard anyone who doesn’t go to a particular church as some evil monster to be eradicated.

    I think it’s our leaders that are crazy. I’ve often wished that it was still customary for kings to get out there on the battlefield to lead the charge. We might have fewer wars.

    So is that a windchime made out of silverware? I think I need one of those. Was it hard to make?


    • yes, silverware (i’ll go out rite now and look): … not sure. “Betty” bought it at a downtown arts and such street festival — some guy from ¿Salida? made it. can’t tell if they’re 100% silver or silver-plated. i’ll bet YOU can make one, you artist, you. how’s Odysseus?


      • Funny you should ask… Odie and Penny made their move this afternoon into the house. The nights are getting chilly and, although we have little heaters for them, when it starts getting down in the 40s at night, they really need to be indoors. You do the same with Bruce, don’t you?


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