nada, mucho, goin’ on. part 2.



More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.”

— Woody Allen

How could I have forgotten? At the end of August and into the following week, Eddie and his parents came out to Colorawdough to vizzit. Eddie and dad spend some escape-from-the-heat time at our escape-from-the-heat facility in our yard.

ben eddy swim

eddie asks

I think Eddie is asking mom about where babies come from. THAT EVENT should be occuring within the week! as i write/type this!

d rox dool kit

I would call this ROONZENYARD, all lookin’ left. A lot of THAT goes on when it’s warm out. This obviously was before the black dawg, Duallee, departed this world for a sojourn to Dawggee Heaven.


Don’t the Colorawdough High Altitude photos get boring? Mid-summer Betty ‘n I drove to Grand Lake, the venue at which this episode of the every-other-year Peters Family Reunion was being conducted. Peters? no-one at this convocation is named that! because … our grandparents (mother’s side, everybody) had 4 daughters. Though the maiden names were the P-word, none of the married names were. Still, we are Peterses everybody.


No Peters gathering is complete without the Traditional Knife Fight. Cousin Heidi wields the Crocodile Dundee “thatsa-knife.” When not carving up opponents (or perhaps she never stops doing that) she is a Professor at, i think U of Washington … literature, i think. We don’t talk (much) about work, we just free-ASSociate. And frolic.

cuzzin ron

Rosco with cousin Ron Schwerman. Ron is quite capable (e.g., he customized his van and insists on doing the driving). He had “an incident” while serving in VietNam — and you can read all about it in his book “Broken but not Abandoned” (Amazon, and other outlets).


Most the Peters cousins, with Grand Lake as the backdrop. Heidi is much more approachable without the knife.

d garden

Though she proclaims quite frequently that sheez done with “this gardening pschidt” Betty continues to create more garden spaces in the yard.


Rosco at the south edge of the Dry Fork of the Escalante Canyon Rim.

Below is actually from a sojourn last spring — overlooking the Gunnison River canyon across from the Dominguez Wilderness Area. I put this in as a prelude to our most recent “exploration” trip — a few highway miles further south where we rode our bikes (whilst the dawgz joggulated) up to the Escalante rim from the hitherto never-visited OTHER SIGHED.

escal d dawg overlook

19 thoughts on “nada, mucho, goin’ on. part 2.

    • our first “grand-kitten” (now that we’re grandparents of people) Walldough (i think Betty spells it the regular way). he was a little lonely grey kitten in an adoption cage … and now he’s a BEAST !


      • Tired. By Saturday (I’m off on Sunday and Monday) that bike ride is really catching up with me. Still, it’s getting me into shape in a hurry. 22 miles a day…I mean a hardercore cyclist would scoff, both at the distance and at my humble Walmart Schwinn, but for me that’s pretty great.

        BWS is awesome. I’m writing a blog called Inside Bat World now, spend a good portion of the day with fruit bats whipping past my head, it’s all good. Working on a post on my own blog about it right now, since on Halloween it was a year exactly since I found Ichabod and all this started. And he’s thriving (meaning he’s getting chubby), and it’s really really great to be able to see him regularly.

        How’s it been with you?


      • Dude! 22 miles! HOLY SHIT! I’m impressed. You must weight, what… 90 lbs now? (wink)

        I cannot WAIT to read your post about BWS. How’s Bootsana doing? Can you post some pictures with the blog? I’d love to see the “behind the scenes of BWS” if that’s ok? If not, I understand.

        Not much is new with me. Working all the time…. next to nothing for a social life. The only positive thing I can say is that i signed up for another ballet calls: Advanced Pointe. It’s every Saturday from 12-1:30. I am taking that class with a bunch of high school girls. I actually enjoy it. Oh and i’m also running — not marathons or anything.

        You could probably catch up on what I’m doing if you read my other blog;

        Rock on with your bad self Blue!



      • I know! Endurance has ALWAYS been my weak point, so I mean, it’s been a strange experience to not completely suck at it anymore. As for weight, I’m not exactly sure where I’m at, but it’s lower for sure. Just trying to eat a ton of protein so I don’t lose muscle too. Lentils mostly. I’m not quite vegan, entirely, but really close.

        As for the behind the scenes stuff, Inside Bat World is exactly that. I’ll have a link to it in the post I hope to have up in a few minutes, but if you wanna see it before then, it’s in the left-hand menu on My last post was about a crazy rescue we did in a local craft shop recently, and the one I’m working on now is the daily routine of taking care of 350 bats.

        My “work” is like that for me too…social life is definitely suffering. And my poor blog. I want to do better here, I’m tired of never posting anything, and if I just cut away distractions I know I have time to do blueinthislight and Inside Bat World both, AND whatever extra stuff comes along too.

        See, ballet blows my mind. My friend’s wife used to do it, and it really drove home how intensely physical it is to hear her tell stories from it. So what does pointe refer to? I know nil about the terminology of it. I think there’s something called like a pirouette or something, I don’t even know, lol.

        I’ll get caught up as soon as I can. Keep showing those high school girls how it’s done :)


      • Ballet is intense and the professionals you see on TV and/or in a live show make it look easy!

        Pointe means dancing in Pointe Shoes.

        I look forward to reading up on BWS.

        Sorry I’m giving you such a short response but I have a ton of stuff I have to get done before I go to bed.
        I spent all day yesterday outside raking leaves, washing windows and then cleaning the garage. So today is a catch-up.



      • I don’t doubt it. I think that’s the hallmark for anyone who’s really good at anything: they make it look easy. And with ballet being so centered around graceful movements, it goes double for it.

        And I totally understand…I find myself having entire catch-up weeks anymore. I’ll just google pointe shoes in the meantime and let you get back to work :)


      • Jesus christ, that was informative. I always thought they were just like pink ribbony slippers! But the whole pointe work thing has always baffled me in general…I can’t imagine being able to support my weight on the tips of my toes, fancy shoes or no. In fact, just a few minutes ago I tried it. No good. Not even close.

        Knitting was the same way for me, like…how the hell do you make shit with string and two sticks?? Then my friend’s wife showed me. So what I’m saying is that while I suck tremendously at it, I do know how to knit. Seriously, I couldn’t even do a scarf. It’s like a rectangle. Couldn’t do it.


      • Dancing “en pointe” as we say, takes strength and skill — it is nothing to sneeze at and those professionals make it look too damn easy!

        As for knitting, my grandmother tried to teach me but I just couldn’t get my head around it. She made it look easy but with all that counting and what not, ahhhhh, forget it!



  1. Your family photos explain a lot…

    I wandered over to amazon and they have a “look inside” for your cousin’s book. I also grew up in Minneapolis, so it was kind of fun reading about places I haven’t seen for twenty years. I will have to read it – there aren’t many books about the Vietnam war that have a happy ending.


    • i’m sure ron and most my family don’t read me, here: i wrote a somewhat negative review of the book (under yet another alias). it’s okay — he’s happy today, took a while to “get there” — actually he married my cousin (Eydie) so he’s a cousin-in-law.
      he IS an inspirational and fun dude — i’ve never known otherwise — but his book … well, i had no idea how “wild and crazy” he was, then wasn’t, then was again, then almost out to full recovery, fall off and wild again (repeat a few times). Praise Jesus!


  2. I really like your writing style! You write in your normal tone and then you switch to a mix of ebonics/ spanglish/ roald dahl speak in the parenthesis or quotations. Joggulated??? Sounds like a cross between jogging and ejaculating (just call it how I see it, sur!)…..Good stuff!!


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