McCarty Inunnguaq — Dominguez CanyonWilderness Area

Earlier today, Doggzeneye (“da dawgs ‘n me”) hiked up the McCarty Trail, which starts just off Escalante Creek on the east edge of the Dominguez Canyon Wilderness.

We climbed over 1,000′ in elevation in about two miles, taking us from the Escalante Creek valley bottom up to the top of a mesa.  Upon attaining the ‘top’, the average gradient went from 10% (per mile) to much less than that, practically level.  We encountered this inuksuk (“inunnguaq” if it somewhat resembles a human figure) off the trail.

Jake, JaJa, and Rocksea return down the trail after our morning sojourn.  Have to beat the late-summer mid-day heat!

JaJa on what was practically the only level (and devoid of stumbly rocks) section of the trail.

Little collared lizard allowed me to admire his mini-magnificence.

Whatever, and however this devolution/slide/collapse of the rock-ledge, like the proverbial house of cards …

Now, if and when this rock decides to submit to gravity, might be fun to watch from a safe distance …

8 thoughts on “McCarty Inunnguaq — Dominguez CanyonWilderness Area

    • it’s either the dawgz scare them aweigh a-fore I ever get near — but I think it’s ’cause marmots are more prevalent “higher up” (say 9k’ + ?) and I rarely get up that high anymore …


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