yeah, rite.

weir knot kiddeeng, hear.  there IS a/an evilporkywheels.  this’ll be XXXplay-end, shortly.

If there is a town named EvilPorkyWheels, it is prawblee sum-wear in You-taw.

My Uncle Evil-P-W lives there, and as a deputy sheriff, occasionally has to deal with civil unrest close to home.

The concept, and inception of Evil-Porky-Wheels —

in/on/upon the 3rd dimension of our lives & planet, and into/unto/among reality in general,

occurred during a Scrabble Game many years ago.  In the 1980’s,

before most of you were incarnated into the present person/people whom/which you (may or may not be) “are” —

Betty and I were playing SCRABBLE with (not sure:  probably John&Sally Butler … or Steve&Karen Craig … whoever had more of a sense of, not only of adventure, but of the NAGUAL, the N+1, a … sense of the ridiculous, one might say) …  people with a sense of adventure (did I already say that?) and willingness to not abide by the sphincter-tightening rules so much.

And …

The game board looked pretty much like this (above).  Betty had just five letters left in her selection.

She put ’em right where they’d fit, sat back, waited for the inevitable response(s).  Now, during the play of many (most?) Scrabble games there might (there … just … might) be some discussion.  Complaint(s).  “Let’s check the dictionary.”

EVILPORKYWHEELS is in the dictionary!  (Well, at least in all the dixionaries in our house!)

So Betty plunked down her five letters and got a heckuva score for this play.  (I think she won the game).

Inevitably, this led to some further conjecturation as to the nature, the definition, the limits, the over-all definition as to what EvilPorkyWheels may, or may-not, actually mean.  Such as …

and … “there were more than just a few days like that.  Not only were the books balanced, they saw that the trash was recycled, requisitions for any shortage would come quickly, and that the goldfish bred.  The penultimate honor thus attained in my life …

The shackles having broken, the shrouds dissolved. All power and yet powerless to resist, he moved on.

Ever onward, and through ever-more marvelous vistas, the path drew him.”

So argueth Swami EvilPorkyWheels.





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