Annie ponders the Neutrino Puzzle

A mottled-cloud motley moon medley.  No doubt the neutrinos didn’t care.

Rosco has occasionally conjectured about neutrinos ever since being a physics major in college.  Does his bureau-top reflect that somehow?

Kevin either has a reflection, or his anti-matter anti-un-double from an adjacent dye-mention has manifested, again.

Annie, not necessarily a “cat on a hot tin roof”, but, rather on a cold steel peeling cheap-car rooftop, engages in one of a feline’s favorite activities, the daily anal-orifice warsching.


Below, she seems to be considering the Scientific American cover — the (probably) never-ending Neutrino Puzzle.

6 thoughts on “Annie ponders the Neutrino Puzzle

  1. I stole the top photo. It is in folders with many thousand of others for reasons unknown, but eventually, it may be used for something. Maybe solving the Neutrino Puzzle. Or taunting stray kitten. I’ll feed the kitten.

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