GLIMPSES into varying degrees of unfathomable/weirdnesses/gateweighs to/from other parts of the multiverse(s)

( Good-bye, again)


The! Existential Pteradactyl ~


(Jan. 1985).  hard as it is not to believe, things are probably (so it, as usual, seems to me) as crazy or crazier than ever.  I should, i really should, refrain from identification with any of it.  if possible.  but …  “when the goin’ gets CRAZY, The CRAZY TURN PRO” (w/ direct reference to HST (hunterThompson) referring to “Raoul Duke”)


PAIN.  FEELING IT ALL THE TIME.  RUNNER’S REBUKE:  SINCE SOME OF US ARE SO TERRIBLY SENSITIVE AND REALIZE THAT BEHIND SEEMING OTHERWISE, ALL ULTIMATELY ENDS WITH PAIN, AND SO IT IS IN THIS REALM I DWELLETH.  I  totter/go through the motions only because then I can rationalize that it is because of my ‘metering’ or involvement with the motion that I actually am administering the pain, (which would ordinarily be felt, anyway).  YA-HA!  Jackoozy — good beer, and (void of avarice) A DEEP breath?


scraps & dreams.  shreds, imagery.  more a sieve rather than a net thru’ the current of.  i sit, semiuncomfortably, more and more consciously fighting gravity and de-accelerants to CENTRIFUGAL force.  acts, motions, as a pile of gravel to sort, discarding some, or many.  FILL UP THIS BOOK WITH CRAP!  fecal … you talk too much.  appropriate anal ogy — this defacatory stuff.  like Babel fish.  ITZ Novmmbrr 1983 & somehow th’ glue ain’t entirely dissolved yet.  unCHEERUP:  maybe tomorrow …

totally toosday morning bulbous.  (including hemo-donger).  the hemo-donger was invented on an overcast Sunday afternoon in January, 1965 by Dick Olson.  the yin counterpart was, of necessity, conjured up shortly thereafter.  however, it was the lowly hemo-donger that looked in on a totally toosday morning bulbous.

(thinly-disguised amateurish erotica, # XVII in the series ~


(Things are proceeding JUST FINE, now …)

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