Christmas Day “Copper Mine” Family Sojourn

Christmas Day (2018) we were hosts to our entire family.  Not a large gathering, but both our kids, and both our grand-kids, plus son-in-law.

Daughter Rachel, Tom’s Dog Koda, and Tom amblin’ up “Copper Mine” Road, up and north of Unaweep Canyon.

Rachel and her Santa-Mom (and JaJa) stop and wait.


Lots of geology on display here, especially as we’re atop the Pre-Cambrian/post-Cambrian contact (we are ON a granite bench, atop of which is the more-recent stuff).

Son-in-law Ben leads the charge, or group-shuffle.



Yes, that really is daylight through that rock.  On a more-ambitious day I might scramble on over for a closer look ~

If only you could HEAR this picture:  Rachel and I were bringin’ up the rear when we heard a weird noise.  All these cows (and bulls) in the pasture on the valley bottom were apparently agitated and bellowing/mooing/vocalizing all at once — and the resultant echo-ing was pretty darned strange.

Back at home, it could be that miniature/un-seen denizens are creating ICE-HENGE.

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