REFLEXIONS OF/ON “HYMN OF THE YOONIVERSE” & other dis-considerations

Our version of the Sphinx (our sfynxz) contemplates whatever it is, or possibly (and probably more profound and significant) what isn’t.

Being a cat, he is probably NOT considering such ideas as this quote from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s Hymn of The Universe Nothing is precious save what is yourself in others and others in yourself.

This past summer started out with severe drought, severe doubt as to whether-or-not pouring water a good part of the day upon the lawn and gardens would help much, and the usual general feeling of futility about everything else.

Futility in that our son and his wonderful girl-friend are, as a “couple”, not.  She asked him (after having lived 2-gether about two years) “when are we getting married and having kids?” and he said “not to happen” and she moved out and back to Montana the following day.  Betty was depressed about this, maybe more so than about the financial outrages we endured these past few months.

Also this past solstice-heated-sunnier-season had been:  windier!  the yooz-you-all forest-fire-smoke-haze as the grand-valley’s backdrop ~ drier ~ (when not windy) seemingly cloudless hot withering soul-sapping sky … probably what purgatory is like.  if not “like”, then “akin to.”  and in the never-ending (hi)story of retired-senior-citizens-on-a-limited-income, the hits just keep on comin’ !

$700+ to get our electricity meter and appurtenances there-to up to date?

$700 more to fix, then improve the lawn-watering-system?

a few hundred $$ to bring our cable and internet capabilities somewhat up to date?

$2200+ for airfare to (1) go be grampa/grandma AND babysit the grandkids in Orygun (2) attend a niece’s weddingding in NYC??

Above — I was planning on taking a break from pretending to care about the yard one Sunday, just lie about the house reading and drinking beer and staying in my p.j.s the entire day.  Walked outside … the windstorm of the night before had toppled this Russian Olive tree over the fence and into the neighbor’s yard.  I blinked, hoping that this too, was some bad dream.  It wasn’t.  I woke the neighbor up (it was 8:30 a.m.) to tell him I probably should cut up and remove the part of our tree which was in his yard.  So I was busy ’til past noon chopping and hauling and such.  My previous plan how to spend the day was then en-acted, with a vengeance, minus the part of still being in p.j.s.

And after all the above: and the sprink system has yet another leak?  and I hafta pay $100 to be able to keep using WORD to write stuff?  I purchased the present laptop and (seem to remember succinctly) that (1) paying $100 extra for WORD was “forever” as was (2) the 2+ years subscription to MacAfee internet security.  Both of which have popped up JUST TODAY demanding money or the WORD and the computer’s hack-ability would not be safe.  So I exited the internet and spent many hours playing solitaire instead.  At least THAT (the solitaire program) is not “bombing” and asking for more money to be able to continue to play.  So far.

Annie & JaJa show everyone how to, really, relax.

Above:  NOT a good job of capturing the situation photographically, but — I had heard of (perhaps seen on T.V. and/or in magazines) nature shows about how fish guard their eggs and associated ‘nest’ but had never actually seen this phenomenon before.  Just out from the edge of our pond were several ‘holes’ — hollows in the sand of the pond-bottom where each hollow had a fish guarding it — swimming around and around, as if to stimulate, provide oxygen perhaps? but all the while guarding their eggs.  From time to time I’d see a fish so-occupied quickly chase off other fish which came too close.

Driving back home after a visit to Denver (for me, I waited while Betty went to NYC for a funeral) last month.  Glenwood Canyon after the rain.

More recently I would sometimes stop on a run or bike-ride to try to increase the region’s inukshuk population.

Jake and I peer through a small arch in Cactus Park.  Near the arch, I …

climb a slow wave and go surfing, Colorawdough stylee.

Betty doesn’t respect Reality sometimes ~

Still … contemplating.

Père de Chardin exhorted himself, and us, to embrace a sort of “end of life” consideration — (I have paraphrased somewhat) —

Assimilate, utilize, the shadows of later life: enfeeblement, loneliness, the sense that no further horizons lie ahead ..  Discover in the Supra-Personal* how to remain young: upbeat, enthusiastic, full of enterprise.  

Beware of thinking that every form of melancholy, indifference, disenchantment is to be identified with wisdom.

Make a place, and an upward-lifting place, for the end which now draws near and for the decline of one’s powers to whatever degree God may will.  “To be ready” has never seemed to mean anything but this:  ‘To be straining forwards.’

May the Supra-Personal* keep me always young — For — old age comes from him — old age leads on to him, and — old age will touch me only in so far as he wills.  To be ‘young’ means to be hopeful, energetic, smiling and clear-sighted.

Accept death in whatever guise it may come, that is, within the process of the development of life.  A smile (inward and outward) means facing with sweetness and gentleness whatever befalls one.

The grace to end well, in the way that will best advance the universal glory, this is the grace of graces.

Communion in and through death:  to die a communion-death … What comes to me at the very end:  the adorable.  I go forward to meet him who comes.

*The Père called this force/aspect/the Centre of centres, “Christ-Omega” — described as the end-point of cosmogenesis, the culmination of the process of spiritualization, where personal and universal meet in the Supra-Personal — a point therefore which is not simply the end of the whole process, but is outside all series, transcendent, and so is identified with God.  I think…

13 thoughts on “REFLEXIONS OF/ON “HYMN OF THE YOONIVERSE” & other dis-considerations

  1. Okay, I got lost at the end…I hope you are not saying you have some horrid thing that is trying to take you over the Rainbow bridge to meet all your furkids who have gone before. Other than getting confused I did agree with — cloudless hot withering soul-sapping sky and now we are getting rain, which is nice but slowing down harvest in a big way. Then there is the talk of SNOW which will stop the corn harvest until the kernels can dry down to 15.
    Your Cat has the right idea… let us just take it as it comes. There really is no other way.

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    • depends WHEN (& under what influences) I read (redd:pastense) the phrase yer refurring to “at the end.” LBSE* –> since wreetiremeant I have been trying to READ MORE, and at any given moment (those rare moments i’m axually’ reading) i’m reading two books: one is a fun/want-to-read/’regular’ book. you know: those which might be on the Best Seller’s Lists or something. and the other book (I try to limit myself to 2 or 3 pages a day, plodding along) is something …. uh, religious? philosophical? borderline conspiracy-central X-files occult? — in most cases some book which has been on my shelves a long time. “A long time”? you may ask. after having struggled thru’ THE TORAH, The Tibetan Book of The Dead, S. Hawkings “A Brief History of Time” and a few other delights, I picked up P.T. deChardin’s “Hymn of the Universe.” Inside the cover is a hand-written note: “To Rosco from Mom Aug. 1972.” So in geo(il)Logic time perhaps it HASN’T been “long” but I know you get the idea. I was close to tears the first time I read that section. I’ve read thru’ it since and wonder why I was so affected. It could have been the beer, another hard day of doin’ nothin’, and I just may have survived another hockey game. I don’t exactly remember.
      *Long Boring Story Ensues

      BUT NOW WE FINALLY CAN GET TO THE POINT: the category of thoughts and ponderations I call “intimations of mortality” … end of life stuff … yeah, I get that sometimes, but try not to dwell on it. But when I do I try to focus mostly on THE FUNNY STUFF. Like when (& if) an obit is published, the picture I would like to have used was taken in 1993 (January or February) by my traumatized 13-year-old-daughter while I was standing naked on the ice @ Blue Mesa Reservoir. Okay, I don’t know whether I should say that this was the sort of thing my kids would regard as normal, but, I assure you, I am to this day confident that her being the photographer at that moment was by no means child-abuse or would cause PTSD later. Middle-aged-citizen abuse, probably. & maybe I was suffering from a mild occurrence of PTSD due to me, oh, never mind. ask me later (it may have to do with breast-feeding issues). I was careful not to be TOO NAKED as I still had sandals on and my hat, which shielded “earth-don’t-shine” parts as I walked maybe 20 yards uh-weigh, posing facing away from the camera but (of course) turning my head around so you’d know (or hopefully strongly suspect) it was ME and not anyone else.

      So, no, as far as i’m uh-where, the RainBow Bridge is not exactly beckoning, at this time. And YOU are trapped/privy-to the same weather pattern as us up north. Deltoid has been the State’s hot spot somewhat frequently of recent!

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      • ditto. sigh. obviously any rain any time is nice (out our way, NOT for those flooded areas (hurricane-prone) — and like you noted, the “timing” could have been better — e.g. “spaced-out” ~


    • well, you would agree about the beer …
      “chops down trees, he eeets his luntsch, and goes 2 the lav-a-tree ~ ”
      (and we’re not even going to talk about Wednesdaze, eh?)


  2. Focusing on the funny stuff does help! And yes, the furry ones have a secret: they know how to relax, and they have the super-ability to Not Worry and be in the moment. My cats do the Sphinx, too. And sometimes they stick out the two back limbs for a Reverse-Sphinx.

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  3. Charlee: “Hello Betunada! Thanks for visiting us and our Dada. Nice to meet you!”
    Chaplin: “You sure did have a lot going on there! But I see it didn’t trouble your cat’s zen.”
    Charlee: “It takes a lot to trouble a cat’s zen.”
    Chaplin: “Maybe knowing that you were way up high on a rock would have done it.”
    Charlee: “That’s true. We cats do like to be higher up than anybody else.”
    Chaplin: “First rule of cats! Highest-up one wins!”

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    • NNN -ter-(a)resting: Charlee &, uh, chappy, izzit? weave hadda few w/”famous names” (not @ present), e.g. JakkieChan, J-Lo …
      & of coarse/course, the zenniness of catz is a continual no-thing to ponder …


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